Gaocheng District people’s Armed Forces: to ensure the delivery of high-quality troops for the army

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Recently, Gaocheng District people’s Armed forces organization to carry out the township (town) college graduates conscription physical examination work.In order to strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the whole process of conscription physical examination is under closed management.Before entering the physical examination station, carefully check the health code and personal travel card of each young applicant, take a temperature check and ask about their travel history and disease history. Wear a mask at a distance of 1 meter during the whole process.It is understood that in the first half of this draft key object for ordinary institutions of higher learning should be within their respective jurisdictions alumni, vocational college graduating class students, and have all kinds of social skills of our senior technician certificate, in accordance with the requirements for physical examination standards, respectively for surgery, internal medicine, facial features, vision, and electrocardiogram (ecg) more than 10 project for inspection, to ensure of conveying the army troops with high quality.Zhang Shihao, 21, Graduate of Handan University “I love military uniforms so much that I dream of wearing them. The dream of becoming a soldier has always been rooted in my heart.I learned about this policy at school. I first applied online and submitted materials. A few days ago, I received a notice to come for a physical examination.I’m really happy to have the physical. I hope I can have a good physical today and fulfill my dream.””Joining the army has always been my dream, I learned the news of conscription from the media and other channels, and I also learned that the current enlistment policy is getting better and better, just to catch up with my graduation.I came here today for a checkup, and I feel closer and closer to my dream.”In order to encourage college graduates to sign up for the army, college graduates can enjoy priority in signing up for the army.Priority should be given to physical examination and political examination, examination and approval of military personnel, and use of military personnel. “Full-time college students can enjoy tuition reduction and exemption, and full-time college graduates can enjoy preferential policies such as entering undergraduate courses without examination.District department of military equipment, military chief xiao-guang CAI said, vigorously promote the college students, especially college graduates is the collection of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the central military commission, an important strategy deployment, is carry out fall internships, chairman of the important instructions about strengthening and improving service and conscription work spirit, the important measures is to enhance the quality army men,It is an important guarantee to win modern information war.In order to implement the good university graduates recruitment work, Gaocheng district conscription physical examination station will be opened regularly, can sign up at any time, timely organization of physical examination.Welcome the majority of gaocheng ambitious youth, into the barracks, to serve the motherland.Yue Lixin editor Guo Ji hired author Zhang Hao he zhang Meng production