A woman in Sichuan province went to have a chat after boiling quail eggs in a hot pot and returned to find nearly 10 eggs added to her bowl

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Guide language: the woman eat hot pot when the pot hot inside the quail eggs, etc. And sister chat the day she came back to find bowl has much more than a dozen of quail egg some time ago, a woman in the home and family and friends in sichuan bazhong eat hot pot together, she looked into the pot hot inside a quail eggs and go to chat with my sisters.When she remembered to eat, she found that the bowl had been filled with quail eggs, and she wondered whether she could laugh or cry.But this is also the love of the family, seeing the woman only ironed one quail egg, so he helped her add more.Woman bowl of quail eggs are added relatives, netizens are buzzing and published his idea: “this is from inside thick love, they are always on the behavior and the detail meticulous care for the younger generation, can be family love will cherish, elders love always makes people feel full nose a acid.””A small detail can show your status in the eyes of others, and a woman can be seen by her family and act in a way that is even more touching.””It turns out that home is the only safe haven, and going back home to see your parents is always your strongest shield. A tiny move by a woman can make the family give everything they can.”See here, xiaobian think poor parents all over the world heart, all parents are in the heart of the children.It is the happiest for a woman to enjoy her parents’ love for her at this moment. She can only feel the warmth of safe harbor after struggling outside all the year round and returning home.Conclusion: The woman boiled a quail egg in the hot pot. After she came back from chatting, she found that she had added more than ten quail eggs to the pot.