What fund do listed companies buy?

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When listed companies can use their own idle funds to conduct financial management, most of them used to allocate bank financial products, trust products and securities brokers’ pooled asset management plans.However, under the background of fund making effect in recent years, listed companies rarely try to invest in public fund products.As of the end of 2021, microlight invested 16.5 million yuan in eight publicly offered funds, according to its annual report released on March 23.3 equity (or industry theme type), 5 debt basis.Specific look, there are many famous inside course of study star fund.Cui Chenlong’s Qianhai open source new economy hybrid ranked first in the whole market in 2021 with a yield of 109.36%.Shenwanlingxin new energy vehicle hybrid, up 110.76% in 2020, in 2021 still achieve a 40.20% income.Yi Fangda Defense and military industry mix, “the most shining base” in military theme, with a scale of 20 billion yuan, the largest military theme fund.Chongkai He joined Efunda Fund as an industry researcher in November 2015.Since November 28, 2019, he has been the fund Manager of Yi Fangda Defense & Military Industry Co., LTD.The remaining five bond bases, Efunda Steady income bond and ICBC Credit Suisse Shuangli Bond, are very famous. The fund managers behind them, Hu Jian and Ouyang Kai, are the “fixed income + leaders” of various fund companies and have managed their respective funds for more than 10 years.Contrast yi Fangda steady income bonds and ICBC shuangli bonds, the former leading income.As of 20220328, on the retracement control, efonda steady yield bonds and ICBC Shuangli bonds are different in different stages.After these 2 tier 2 bonds, let’s take a look at the 2 long term pure bond funds of P&G and Western Profit.From the quarterly report, the western profit hui enjoy bonds, Bao Ying Ying Thai pure bond institutions hold a high proportion of more than 80%.Since its inception, it has generated positive returns every year.In particular, western Profit Exchange bond, since its establishment on March 10, 2017, the cumulative yield of 35.85%, the annual return of 6.25%, the maximum retracement of less than 1.5%.From 2018 to 2021, except for 2020, the returns in all other years exceeded 6%.Quarter by quarter, more positive than negative.GDB convertible bond is the only convertible bond theme fund.To say that the staff of shimmer shares are also quite good at choosing, GF convertible bonds in 2021 with a return of 42.88% in 77 similar funds ranked the second.However, since the beginning of this year by the market, convertible bond theme funds generally fell more, gf convertible bond fell nearly 20% in the year.Wu Di, the fund manager, was the number one in the science college entrance examination of Jiangsu Province in 2009.After receiving a bachelor’s degree in economics from Tsinghua University, he studied for a Master’s degree in finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science.After graduation in 2015, I joined Guangdong Development Fund and started as a researcher, focusing on convertible bonds.In April 2020, he began to serve as the manager of GF Convertible bond Fund.In addition to the above from the annual reports of listed companies, iFinD statistics have released the use of their own funds for financial management announcements since this year, of which 10 are related to public funds.However, from the data, buy more money funds.Only Chen Xin pharmaceutical, Terry machine to buy non-monetary funds.Cx Global Active allocation closed hybrid for three years, which was subscribed by CX Pharmaceutical on November 9, 2021, is an FOF that can be traded on the market. As of March 24, the net value of the off-market unit of the fund was 0.9012, and the minimum value reached 0.7970 at one time, indicating a discount.Haitong Xinyue bond is from the annual rise of Haitong Securities asset management plan transformation, is a secondary bond fund.Down 2.79% for the year.As of 20220330, risk reminder fund has risks, past performance does not predict future performance, investment needs to be cautious.The above views only represent the author’s personal opinions, do not represent the position of the fund company, and do not constitute investment advice for readers.The content of this article is for research and learning only, and the stocks and funds involved do not constitute any investment advice.Fund of # #