Prevention of Urban Waterlogging The Regulations of Nanning on Urban drainage and Sewage Treatment went into effect in March

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The Regulations of Nanning City on Urban Drainage and Sewage Treatment (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) were adopted at the 39th meeting of the standing Committee of the 14th Municipal People’s Congress and approved at the 27th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Municipal People’s Congress and will come into force on March 1.On February 25, the Standing Committee of Nanning Municipal People’s Congress held a press conference to inform all sectors of society about the regulations.At the press conference.The control of urban waterlogging concerns the safety of people’s lives and property. It is not only a major livelihood project, but also a major development project.The heavy rainfall in recent years has also exposed the deficiencies in the waterlogging management in Zhuhai. Therefore, in order to improve the urban waterlogging prevention and control capacity and build a natural and harmonious water ecological environment, the Regulations focus on the prevention and control of waterlogging in vulnerable areas.The competent urban drainage departments shall strengthen the control of low-lying areas and other waterlogging points in cities and towns, carry out monitoring of rainfall and water depth in key areas, and organize inspections of urban drainage and sewage treatment facilities.It is stipulated that the maintenance and operation units of urban drainage facilities shall establish a professional team for drainage and emergency rescue, formulate emergency plans for waterlogging prevention, and timely dredge and clear the obstacles when waterlogging water occurs;Comprehensive inspection, maintenance and cleaning of urban drainage facilities should be carried out before flood, and necessary compulsory drainage facilities and equipment should be configured at waterlogging prone points.Emergency measures shall be taken in time during the flood season or in case of emergencies to prevent waterlogging.In order to strengthen the management of wastewater discharge of urban sewage discharge and treatment is an important part of the urban drainage management, is a matter of urban ecological environment and sustainable development, although untreated or treated but unqualified sewage into the urban drainage system, will be directly related to public interests and public safety, related to people’s life quality and environmental quality, establish on-line monitoring system of sewage treatment, the regulationsDefine the installation subject, specific location, installation requirements, daily operation and network transmission of online monitoring equipment.Improve the regulations on sewage treatment, put forward requirements on the quality of the sewage discharged into the public sewage pipe network, and treat the sewage discharged from the areas covered by the public sewage pipe network and the areas not covered by the public sewage pipe network differently.To clarify the two types of sewage pretreatment, the discharge of sewage with a specified situation, to build sewage treatment facilities, sewage pretreatment, only after the standard can be discharged;Those engaged in farm products market and other business projects as well as construction projects shall build pre-treatment facilities and clean them regularly.To improve the emergency response system and implement the double-plan system, the maintenance and operation units of urban drainage and sewage treatment facilities shall formulate two emergency plans for preventing waterlogging and public drainage and sewage treatment.To implement the two-immediate system, in the event of an emergency or accident in which toxic substances are discharged into urban drainage and sewage treatment facilities, remedial measures shall be taken immediately to eliminate the harm and report to the relevant units at the same time;Start emergency plan immediately, take protective measures and organize emergency repair.The implementation of the two-hour system, urban drainage and sewage treatment facilities maintenance and operation units discover pipeline fracture, manhole cover loss and other events, should immediately take enclosure or other warning measures, and within two hours to dredge, repair, replace facilities and clean the ground and other measures.To ensure the safety of facilities, the scope of protection shall be divided into three areas, namely, drainage and sewage pipes with a diameter of more than 600 mm (including 600 mm), within five meters from each side of the pipe;Drainage and sewerage pipes up to 600 mm in diameter, within one metre of each side of the pipe;The areas within the planning red line of inspection Wells, pumping stations, sewage treatment facilities, sludge treatment and disposal facilities and rainwater utilization facilities shall be protected by urban drainage and sewage treatment facilities.Standardize the management of the three types of activities, respectively to endanger or may endanger the safety of urban drainage and sewage treatment facilities construction activities, demolition, alteration of urban drainage and sewage treatment facilities, and occupation of urban drainage facilities made provisions to stop, review and so on.Conference, nanning city National People’s Congress standing committee, deputy director of the Zhou Rusi to various departments at all levels in the city the units concerned must attach great importance to the implementation of the regulations, fully develop talked politics, about the big picture, the spirit of the bear, elaborate organization, upper and lower linkage, close cooperation, to put the regulations into blended in law enforcement, judicial, the inclusion of the franco-prussian, push “byelaw” the ground work.Source: Nanning cloud – Nanning news reporter Li Qin