Spring | New Year’s eve at the grass-roots level, from the masses of warm heart gift bag

2022-05-26 0 By

They stick to their posts to protect the peace of the city on January 31, New Year’s Eve, when the clock is about to strike zero, at the Yushan Toll station of the Xiangyang Ring Expressway,Wang Ke, the national advanced individual industrial and commercial merchant, took her children to send a warm New Year gift package to the civilian auxiliary police and epidemic prevention personnel on the front line. Each gift package has their carefully selected milk tea and hot clay pot rice.Since the Spring Festival traffic security began, the auxiliary police often miss the meal, and all this is often through the high-speed Wang Ke see in the eye, in mind.In order to express respect for the fighting in the front line civilian auxiliary police, New Year’s Eve, Wang Ke with children deliberately selected a batch of food sent to the security front line.Wang Ke said: “the child was very worship police, determined to grow up when a people’s police, these days, whenever I see them so hard, are very distressed, want to buy some food for them.”The care, care and support from the public has shown the strong feelings of the police and the people, and made the civil auxiliary police and epidemic prevention personnel feel warm in the cold winter night.Source: Xiangyang High Police