State-owned enterprises are hiring!Huludao Agricultural Reclamation Group Recruitment notice

2022-05-25 0 By

Huludao Agricultural Reclamation Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale state-owned enterprise owned by the city, which integrates fruit tree technology research and development, cold chain storage and logistics, traditional planting and fruit deep processing, animal husbandry, agricultural and sideline products e-commerce platform, culture and tourism.Due to the development needs of the enterprise, we are open to the public to recruit 5 new professional farmers (engaged in agriculture, fruit industry, animal husbandry production and planting and other related work), including 3 from The Da Taishan branch and 2 from the former branch.1. Male;2. Bachelor degree or above (major is not limited, agronomy or related major is preferred);3. Children of Daitashan farm and former farm are preferred;4. Working location: Dataishan Branch and former Branch;5. Aged 35 or below (born after January 1, 1987);6. Good teamwork spirit, good health and strong sense of responsibility;7, Have good professional ethics and excellent executive ability, learning ability, independent work ability.Ii. Remuneration: Enjoy the remuneration of formal staff of the Group.Iv. Deadline for registration: April 10, 2022 Huludao Agricultural Reclamation Group Organization and Personnel Department April 2, 2022