Nantong Tongzhou issued an emergency notice on epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-24 0 By

On April 1, during the nucleic acid sampling of people at the quarantine site in Tongzhou district, two people who tested positive for nucleic acid were found to have been active in relevant areas.After preliminary investigation, the specific activity track is as follows: Case 1: “Jiazai Anhui” snack bar in Xianfeng Street from 19:00 to 20:30 on March 27.In the daytime of March 28th, near no. 18 Tongsheng South Road (Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone Chemical Industrial Park).Noon and 21:00, March 29, Anhui Noodle Shop, Xianfeng Street.12:00 on March 30th, Fufeng Road, Xianfeng Street, beef Soup shop.At 12:58 on March 30, Song Yuanxing store, Group 43, Zhouwei Village, Xianfeng Street.At 18:57 on March 30, Women and children’s Music City Emperor of Tobacco Hotel, Tongfu South Road, Xinkai Street, Nantong Development Zone.March 29 daytime, March 30 daytime, Pioneer street Kai Poly guardrail factory.Case 2: From 19:00 to 20:30, March 27, Jiazai Anhui snack bar, Xianfeng Street.9:00 — 22:00, March 28, Phase II construction site of Yuntai Shanxi Station Avenue, Pingchao Town, phase II construction site of West Station Avenue, Ma Lie Road, Pingchao Town.March 29, daytime, nantong Development Zone east Avenue and Haibo Road traffic light 200 meters south of the west construction site.On the afternoon of March 29, Pioneer street Kaiju guardrail factory.March 29th 21:00, Xianfeng Street Anhui board shop.March 30 morning, Pioneer street Kaiju guardrail factory.12:00, March 30, Xianfeng Street Flower Beef Soup shop.March 30, 12:42, Wind Spring Supermarket, Pioneer Street.On the afternoon of March 30, Pioneer street Kaiju guardrail factory.At 18:57 on March 30th, Women and children’s Music City Emperor’s Haozhi Tobacco Hotel, Tongfu South Road, Xinkai Street, Nantong Development Zone.The general public is hereby reminded to report to their communities (villages) and units immediately if they have relevant tracks in the above time and place, and cooperate with the implementation of measures such as epidemiological investigation, nucleic acid testing or quarantine control, and home monitoring.Those who conceal their contact history with confirmed cases and their close contacts, thus leading to the spread of the epidemic, will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.Nantong Tongzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention. April 2, 2022. Source: Nantong