Paris Real Madrid, the champions League is back on fire, who can take advantage?

2022-05-23 0 By

Tuesday’s Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid is a significant one, starting with Paris spending again this year on the likes of Lionel Messi and Donnaruma, apparently not for the Ligue 1 title they accidentally lost last year.Why is the Champions League so important to upstarts like Paris and Manchester City?Obviously, in the traditional stereotype of the European people’s eyes, only won the champions league titles, and can be called giants, don’t say French Paris rule, even if the city of the most competitive in the premier league for completion of the dominant, also be clasp on “local tyrants” hat, like milan, Manchester united team, even if the play is not good, is also among the giants of the squad.First take home a greater, two leg of the champions league knockout, although was gone away goals this qualification standards, but after the guest still passive home, home can win opponent is vital for the second leg at the mentality of, Paris this weekend’s league part rotation, must hope that today’s game can preempt the dirt.Rapid advances at present although the team in the league, but careful observation will find a problem, with the wind is playing better, adversity well is the lack of ticket, can score must be a victory over earlier, if you don’t score early, often is a draw, at most is a victory, was omar in doubtful, Lionel messi has worked more as an attacking midfielder,Whether mbappe wears his shooting boots or not is crucial today, but with the prospect of becoming a Real Madrid player in July, will he be showering his new club or giving them a gift?Of course, don’t forget shui Ye, Messi is the old enemy, shui Ye is facing his old club!Real Madrid has never let the good tradition of retirement in the club, from Hierro to Raul and guti, and then to Casillas and Ronaldo, nature will not let water with a high salary mixed retirement, this game do not know what kind of mentality ramos will face the old club.Real Madrid are top of La Liga, but not because they are playing well, but because their opponents are worse. Atletico Madrid are the reigning champions, Barcelona are suffering from the post-Messi pain, and Sevilla, the only real threat, are no champions at all.League Real Madrid to do not need to worry too much, but the recent state is also some poor, nearly 5 games only 1 win, the index is 1 go 4 losses, Benzema as the core of real Madrid’s forward line, his absence or let Real Madrid a little hard.Since The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid is no longer a favorite for the Champions League, but a skinny camel is bigger than a horse, no matter how bad Real Madrid will not be fish, this game benzema play into doubt, but also buried hidden dangers.From the current comprehensive strength, if the score is definitely stronger than Real Madrid, but after all, football is played out, not on paper, Paris has been unable to break the spell of the Champions League, facing the best team of the Champions League Real Madrid, does not have any psychological advantage.Are all the game in Paris in the home, agencies generally gives life and death of 0.5, let Paris as hot pot, current uefa investigation also showed that the bullish on Paris to win people accounted for 56%, more than half, heat may be key points of Paris can’t take all three points today, watch the real Madrid away the game unbeaten, beat real Madrid to win,The score 1-1, 2-1.