Fatigue of life and death: who is not the freedom to sell, in exchange for wealth

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To laugh out of the depths of pain is to find inner relief.Mo Yan said: The judges of the Nobel Prize awarded me this prize mainly because they had read Life and Death are Wearing Me Out.I knew I had to see Life and Death are Wearing Me Out: any better than the Nobel Prize-winning Frog?Is it better than Red Sorghum, which Zhang Yimou made into a movie?The six-path perspective is magical, isn’t it?…Mo Yan’s most satisfied works, six reincarnation, many underlying logic!More than one person told me that after reading “Life and Death are Wearing Me Out,” they thought of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and felt somewhat similar.As a matter of fact, I have read some comments on the Internet analyzing Mo Yan’s writing style. It seems that he began to like the theme and style of “magic reality” after reading One Hundred Years of Solitude. He reconstructed his unique personal style by combining the reality of Gaomi township in northeast China with the plot of magic combination.When Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize, I had read Frog, and before that I had read Mo Yan’s Red Sorghum, so I became a fan of him.I think based on my personal feelings, I prefer Red Sorghum and Frog, and the big books like Life and Death are Wearing Me Out, the rhythm, even the tension of the text and the style of the language, are not as lively as Red Sorghum and Frog.01- Ximenao life upside down – Do you have a “hatred of the rich”?Is ximen making a mistake?In 50 years, Ximen Nao experienced six reincarnation, from ximen Nao reincarnation as donkey part of the most wonderful writing, but also caused me to think about the most place.Sometimes I think, how should Simon make this character to understand?He was a squire, a wealthy heir to his father’s estate and land.In the house a wife two concubines, two long workers and a maid, there are several mansions of the high gate courtyard, as well as kitchen servants and so on.He can make a lot of money without much effort.But do you think he’s wrong?Guilty?Is there even something wrong with him?I’m really kind of noncommittal.First of all, he inherited his great wealth and property. He went on to develop it and became richer and more successful.During the famine he had demanded payment of rent from his tenants;He also often donated money and goods;He even saved someone, the blue face he brought back from a snowy nest and adopted.In fact, his heart is not bad, and he has not even done anything bad, because his status has been prominent from the current environment, he is not equal to sentient beings, and he is not at all on the level of sentient beings, so his compassion for sentient beings is not likely to invade their peace in reality.In fact, there are many rich children like him in the current society, they are rich, they are successful, they have jumped out of the world of sentient beings, they rarely appear in front of sentient beings.Then they continue to expand their own achievements and family power, further and further away from the reality of sentient beings, people can not blame them.Social resources are undoubtedly in their favor, and private unfair competition also exists, but in the legal society, they are not wrong, nor illegal, so of course.Is it absolutely right to overthrow the local tyrants and evil gentry?What would you say if the local tyrants and evil gentry were to be brought down again?What would happen if the business empires of the plutocrats were given to the masses?I think of a low-level behavior called “resentment of the rich.”Maybe at that time, there was nothing wrong with huang Tong’s behavior, they had nothing, most people had no chance to get a better life if they didn’t break the status quo.So they rebel, and with a variety of charges, shot Simon make.Those who want to add to the crime, even the opportunity to explain not to give the behavior, so that the hatred of the dead Simon trouble big trouble hades.He suffered a lot of torture in hades, but he did not confess, and asked the king, why did he treat him so?Hades helpless, he can do, is immediately put him beyond life reincarnation.02- Simon Noo reincarnated as a donkey – what do you think of Blue Face’s subsequent actions?Simon make reincarnation for donkey, taking the memory of past life, looking at the familiar world and family, with the strength of a donkey will fight against the unfair fate.Actually, this part is pretty tearful.Because the donkey that west door makes sees is the family that change beyond recognition and society, everything changed.The fate of his wife Bai Shihe two concubines were changed, the first is that they were forced to Simon the arrangement more crimes, and also by all kinds of reality, and bai is being treated more malicious, Simon people forced him to surrender the treasure land and money, and Simon make money had been gone, even adopted blue face also stole his concubines,A son and daughter, Jin Long and Bao Feng, were also adopted by Blue Face.Simon trouble become evil donkey, evil pig, evil ox, evil dog……Then the question arises: what makes him a donkey, a pig, a cow, a dog…It is the evil society, the evil thoughts in the eyes of all sentient beings, the inequality in fate, and the subjective malevolence and ugly behavior of many people.Six reincarnation, in the end what harvest?In these six generations, he witnessed three generations of the Blue Face family experience the fatigue of life and death — they love to the end, hate to the end, stubborn to the end, work to the end, there are extreme pain and joy, but also have the eternal passion and hope.03- Blue face · Are you free – how many people, like blue face “stubborn to the end” spirit?Then, from the perspective of the big boss, under the irreconcilable contradiction of collective production and solo work, the life of all is described in a very real way, and the long lens of that special era comes to us.Blue Face with his stubbornness against everyone, he became the last solo, no one can persuade him to give up solo into the big group.The reason is very good, the system says that he has the right to choose freely, there is no compulsion or even coercion of such requirements.I’m actually trying to elevate blue face to a spiritual level.Because many institutions say so, giving you the right to choose freely, but who hasn’t succumbed to institutions and popular trends.To put it better, no one forced you and you volunteered.And we know in our hearts that some choices are forced choices.Society and institutions often “set” us, in fact, in addition to compromise, sometimes there is really no way out.For example, today I found a comment on the Internet, people are asking for the closure of some vocational schools, because these vocational schools are not suitable for today’s children.Now the children are not like before, they grew up under the top of praise, at home, the heart with “confidence” into the vocational school door.There is a serious disconnect in the colleges and universities, they want to train students to be technical operators, but the students don’t fully cooperate, so the learning environment deteriorates.Finally, vocational schools also irresponsibly issued diplomas to them and put them into society.Many students look back on their golden youth years in vocational schools as if nothing remained.After entering the society to do the work that junior high school students can do, the future is confused.You may say that the college entrance examination is fair, and students who do not study well should enter vocational schools.However, the free range and loose education in vocational schools, encouraged the wind of weariness of students, but also hurt the parents hope that the good vision of their children.A person and social tide fight, even if you are right, also can become everybody all wake up you alone drunk of additional kind, become live joke.As in the vocational school, if you study hard, you may become a different person in the eyes of others.The so-called inner volume, perhaps we all understand.Often see a good university in a dormitory all the students together to take an examination of postgraduate success or recommended success, so there will be a vocational school in the whole dormitory boys all play games waste life thing, even this kind of thing is more common.But what to do?No one knows.In the world of blue face, maybe you don’t persuade me to join the club one after another, one after another, even at the cost of all kinds of threats, he would not be so determined to “never join the club”.”I am a farmhand. What am I afraid of?I’m forty years old, I’ve never done anything in my life, and working alone has made me something…”Is it Mo Yan’s selfish intention to advertise in the book?Mo also inserted many of his own advertisements into the book.By putting himself in the book, and by stringing together many of his previous works and characters, the reader felt that he was advertising.Also, perhaps only Mo Yan, in the text left a lot of dirty words.Still have, mo Yan mentions “raise its pig” spot meeting, also quite spoof.