Wenchang continues to strengthen the control of burning and releasing to create a peaceful and auspicious festival atmosphere

2022-05-22 0 By

During the Spring Festival, many units in Wenchang jointly carried out the inspection and control of fireworks and firecrackers in the no-burning area, strengthened the prevention and control of patrols in various key places in the city, and made every effort to create a peaceful and peaceful festive atmosphere.On New Year’s Eve, the reporter saw in gaolong Bay beach, the city’s comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau staff is to set off fireworks of the citizens to dissuade, let it consciously put out the hands of the fireworks stick, and the propaganda and education work throughout the inspection, further strengthen the public awareness of safety and environmental awareness.It is understood that in recent days, the city’s comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau together with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Wencheng City government and other departments and units, in strict accordance with the Municipal Party committee and the municipal government on fireworks and firecrackers ban on burning and fire work requirements, in the city of various key prevention and control areas to strengthen the prevention and control of fireworks.In addition, in order to build a green, safe holiday atmosphere, the municipal comprehensive administrative law enforcement agency, give full play to the grid management, continue to strengthen the daily patrol and propaganda work, through door-to-door campaigns, vehicle flow, education to guide citizens to the masses, adherence to the burning banned regulations, reduce the environment pollution brought by fireworks, promote the construction of ecological civilization.Wenchang City comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau staff Zhang Bangxue: “here I also appeal to the general public in the forbidden area do not set off fireworks, in the non-forbidden area to comply with the standards of discharge, choose an open place for discharge.(Finally) I wish the citizens of Wenchang good health, smooth work and a happy family.”Note: This text and text is published by Wenchang publishing editor, reprint must indicate the source.Statement: some pictures from the network, if there is infringement of your rights and interests please contact us directly, we will delete or negotiate permission to use matters.Email wenchangfabu@126.com News hotline 15308906559