Three fine historical essays, all brilliant works, stay up all night to see the whole night is not tired

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Hello, I am Cang Yiwei.Today I recommend three fine historical novels to you.”I am the king of a conquered country”, I and return, 2.01 million words, serial.Introduce: Orthodox 14 years, Zhu Qiyu wakes up at the beginning of big dream on imperial throne, opened an eye.The change of civil fort has taken place. Three generations of elite Beijing camp have been wiped out.His brother, garbage in the emperor zhu Qi town, is knocking at the door of datong House.Zhu Qiyu found herself not only defending the Capital!Guard Daming!To protect the wife and children!Is the punishment in person more violent, is the king of subjugation?Trust the eunuch to appoint the prime minister, is the king of subjugation?Militaristic trust wufu, is the king of subjugation?Well, I am the king of a lost kingdom!Zhu Qiyu lived in the Ming Dynasty and was also known as Jingtai Emperor.His good brother Zhu Qi zhen in July with three battalions of the Capital Division, personally recruited the Ministry of Waci, to the Civil fort, was also captured by the Ministry of Waci first, three battalions of two hundred thousand elite, world War I played a complete annihilation.As the idle king of 郕 Wang Zhu Qiyu, in complete ignorance of the situation, was the Empress Dowager from 郕 palace brought out, thrown on the position of the state.Ministers were waiting outside the hall, waiting for the court, the empress dowager was behind the curtain, and the eunuchs were waiting for zhu Qiyu’s instructions. The big yellow dragon chair was empty.He was now a sovereign, not an emperor.”From today to be a Vassal”, carrying home snail, 2.21 million words, serialized.Introduce: one close eye, one open eye.Zhao Xu found himself an emperor’s son.She’s beautiful, her fief is far away, and the country is messy.And all he wanted was to live in his own land.But if the enemy dare to attack, only let him come and go, afraid…Wonderful clip: Zhao Xu sits on the bed, dirty and greasy bedding, volatile bursts of sour smell, especially refreshing.When he awoke, he suspected that he was in a dream.But after being fumigated in the middle of the night and fused with the body’s memories, he was sure he’d made it through.Like his name, the owner of this body is also called Zhao Xu, but the identity is nine emperor son of Da Song.In his memory, the ninth emperor’s son was often bullied by other emperors in the Capital.At the age of 13, in another conflict, he was hit on the head by the sixth emperor’s son, after which he went mad.Three years later, in early spring of this year, Emperor Zhao Heng fell seriously ill.Palace rumors nine prince is ominous people, the emperor has health, is because of his life made emperor star.The solution was to drive them out of the Capital and send them to the north.”The Eldest sun of the Emperor of Ming Dynasty”, written in the Spring and Autumn Period, 440,000 words, serialized.Introduce: Hong Wu 25 years, Zhu Ying comes big bright the 10th year, set at western region so big foundation.Yan Palace, Zhu Ying and later ages yongle Emperor Zhu Di talk is happy.On April 25, Daming prince Zhu Biao died and died.Zhu Ying accompanied Zhu Di to the Capital to offer condolences.Zhu Di: Hateful!It was the king himself who brought him to power.Zhu Yuanzhang: Lao Si is a good boy. He has sent us his grandson.Zhu Ying: Under the light of the sun and the moon, all of us are bright!Highlights: At the beginning of Zhu Ying’s journey, it comes with a check-in system.The first check-in was a pack of toilet paper, which was good.Signing ten years, some of the constitution, strength, agility of the bonus is still a lot.There are even snacks such as melon seeds and peanuts, which is really sweet.But the blueprints for firearms, the formula for gunpowder that he wanted most, he found nothing.But he was able to intimidate these killers because of his personal force.Walking in the frontier of the western regions and the grassland area, what you encounter is not good enough to establish such a large foundation.Controlling profit killers like snow salt is not something that can be done lightly.A group of Jurchen tribes behind Zhang Bo was the key to zhu Ying’s ability to travel around.Writing is not easy, and to do and cherish.My name is Cang Yiwei. I bring salt for “The Whispering of Cang shi”.Welcome to Book Review Land.