The big surprise!Snooker post-90 will be eliminated from the qualifying round, and Chinese players are mixed

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The 2022 Welsh Open snooker tournament continued on February 17, with the first upset of the qualifying tournament, the post-90s star Luka.Brecher performed poorly, losing to black player McLeod, Chinese players mixed, Lu Ning eliminated Li 4-2.Walker advanced, Lu Haotian 3-4 narrowly lost Anthony.Hamilton, Northern Ireland Open champion Mark.King lost to Highfield and also missed out.The Welsh Open is the final leg of the home series and the winner of the 70,000 pound prize is Jordan.Brown, who raised eyebrows last year when he beat O ‘Sullivan to win his first career ranking title, has been the first player since Jordan.Brown, who has not had much of a good showing, is underdog to defend his title and now has only a best-of-seven qualifying round.Luca, born in 1990.Bray cher world ranked 16th, career once get ranking title twice, this year he reached the final, back-to-back in the kam to zhao heart child runner-up, the Scottish open win against higgins, qualifying opponents is ranked 82th macleod, who served in the first world championships, groom, or have a certain strength.In the first game, Brechel scored 60 points in a single stroke, but missed the super point. McLeod cleared the stage and came back 69-65. In the second game, Brechel played many times to level the score at 91-6.Match point 3-1, Bretcher can’t find his form.Then both parties are sporadic, Mr. Cher in a 72-46 save a match point, the sixth inning macleod complete super points, 68-54 locking victory, the final 4-2 through the race, when the first winner, Mr. Cher became the first out before 16 players, although he had a good performance in the near future, but played really too unstable,Has always relied more on individual offensive touch.The two Chinese players were the first to finish the match, a mixed win and a mixed loss, with Lu ning scoring 81, 68 and 57 to eliminate Li 4-2.Walker, Lu Haotian 3-4 narrowly lost Anthony.Hamilton, who hit 112 to take match point first, lost two sets in a row, highfield hit 95, 76, 60, 53 to edge Mark 4-3.Kim, the two are closer.Tonight there are three Chinese young players to meet the test, Yuan Sijun vs Patrick, Lei Peifan challenge captain Carter, Chang Bingyu vs Ryan.It remains to be seen if they can break through and qualify against a stronger opponent.