One of Beijing’s landmark buildings, the shape of the building is modeled after the ancient ritual vessel “Zun” design

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Tower:Landmark buildings in many cities in our country, high-rise buildings of expression is different, especially on emphasis, will make visitors feel very striking place, especially in China’s first-tier cities and second-tier cities, construction every year there are a lot of big buildings, therefore in the high-rise building layout,Buildings they also will present a typical regional features, this article will introduce a high-rise building of Beijing, from the background of the construction of the high-rise buildings, as well as the height is introduced, and its construction design function and meaning of a number of angles, allowing many of the tourists on the performance of the high-rise building, said it would also be Beijing residents are proud of a high-rise building,It also strengthens Beijing’s position.China’s statue:Representative a lot of people in the first time I heard the name of the building, will feel its buildings, its position in Beijing’s central business district (CBD) core, before long, it is a one of the top ten construction in contemporary China, became the important status and high-rise representative in our country, because this is in for a lot of local residents,This high-rise in the original design planning, has attracted a lot of people’s attention, from the design function of its high-rise, it is a comprehensive building integrating a class A office building, conference, business and tourism, a variety of core commercial functions in one, is also very representative.Features:528 – meter – high building of Beijing to see a tall building, its total height of 528 meters, and the tall buildings of the total area of 11478 square meters, the realization of tens of thousands of people to work here at the same time, thus became the tall buildings is a typical area, and the architectural appearance imitates the ancient sacrificial vessel “honour” to carry on the design,Therefore, it also reflects the uniqueness of its architecture.As one of is a landmark building in Beijing, after it completed, also had a lot of technology innovation, such as the application of intelligent jack-up platform and steel BIM application lifecycle, etc., these are many tall buildings do not have other advantages, also let many of the tourists on the scale and technical level of the high-rise building with admiration,So it is one of the representative buildings in Beijing.High-rise development:Area of big cities in our country, high-rise buildings are formed itself have typical regional features, which also makes its influence in the high-rise building have gotten bigger, led to the development of high-rise buildings more meaningful also will be bigger, so from that perspective, in many cases, it also will be formed a typical regional function and meaning,This also allows many visitors to present an important charm.