Gangu: Ramming the organizational fortress to stabilize the red “epidemic barrier”

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New tianshui – the GanGu county financial news media center Facing the severe epidemic situation complex, GanGu county, seriously implement the central decision-making to deploy and provincial municipal party committee work requirements, adhere to the party leading, accurately judge the situation, decisive decision-making, the county and quickly enter a state of battle, with strong orderly and effective measures to carry on epidemic prevention and control of political responsibility, woven knit up resistance to disease defence community.Increase awareness and cohesion.To closely monitor the development and changes of the epidemic situation, timely optimize and adjust the organizational structure of the county’s epidemic prevention and control “16 teams”, set up urban and rural community control groups headed by the county Party Committee standing Committee and the organization minister, and strengthen organizational leadership.The light of “the printing of party organizations at all levels and the vast majority of party members’ role into full play is firmly build a notice of epidemic prevention and control of defense and other four notice documents, supervise the party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of party members resolutely shoulder epidemic prevention and control of political responsibility and sober understanding of the severity of the epidemic prevention and control and complexity, depth, have the courage to bear, active as a line.Make the epidemic prevention and control “to to gump return gump initiative” to (return) f personnel told that book, education guide to gump return gump is reported to the initiative and actively cooperate with to carry out the prevention and control measures, using banners, network media, loudspeaker, form such as distributing leaflets to publicity and epidemic prevention knowledge, advocate the residents consciously make personal protection,This laid a solid ideological foundation for winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.Clear out the stock and see the bottom.We will give full play to the role of Party organizations as fortress-fighting fortress.In accordance with the principle of building as many as possible and as many as should be built, we will establish 217 Party organizations in residential areas that will not be withdrawn, dispersed or dispersed, and mobilize all the resources that can be mobilized, including Party members in communities, cadres of units under their jurisdiction, community workers in towns and townships, and volunteers.Three times to carry out full coverage of 290 residential residents in the county, carpet “knock on the door service” investigation, one by one to find out the basic information and itinerary, registered, so that the number of residential households, the number of people clear, key areas clear.Key personnel who have been screened out should be reported to the community immediately, with emphasis on strengthening control and urging people to go to designated places for nucleic acid testing, so as to strictly guard against and defend against the epidemic without leaving blind spots, and to build a tight defense line for mass prevention and treatment.Guard the line of defense.In view of the large amount of community prevention and control, the county’s 290 sub-divisions were divided into 53 grids, and a responsibility supervision system was established under the direct supervision of 27 county-level leaders, 55 township-level cadres, 10 community secretaries and the heads of 142 guarantee units.Full coverage of the establishment of community duty points (stations), 1226 organ enterprises and institutions of party members sinking line, with more than 2800 community party members, 24 hours strict community “pass”, on the entry and exit personnel to implement registration, temperature measurement, inspection “Tianshui Fast do” code.Give full play to the community party organization mass base advantage at the same time, we will conscientiously implement the party under the leadership of the residents’ autonomy system, comprehensive organization mobilize all effectives, vigorously recruiting volunteers, to set up the order maintenance, convenient service, propaganda guidance, such as jobs, security volunteers give full play to its own expertise, really hold at enhancing community against epidemic control and group control solid line.We will strengthen oversight to ensure effective results.A dual inspection mechanism at the county and town levels has been established. At the county level, five epidemic prevention and control inspection teams, led by urban and rural community control teams, have been set up to conduct round-the-clock inspections on the setting of detection points, the arrival of on-duty personnel, the registration of incoming and outgoing personnel, and temperature detection at duty stations and key locations of counties.At the township level, led by the Party Committee and the government, a special inspection group was set up to closely observe the implementation of the responsibilities of the “big Party Committee” and “big Party branch” in the community, focusing on the “three without communities” to see whether the responsible cadres are on duty, whether the tasks of the units under the jurisdiction are clear, and whether the prevention and control measures are strict.On the basis of the classification of supervision, the establishment of a two-way feedback mechanism, implement community duty unattended reporting system, to implement the epidemic prevention and control measures were in place, informed criticism, tracking the rectification, ensure information exchange, found the problem, the first time in a line to solve the problem, the prevention and control of real let defend responsibility implement in the community, building and courtyard line.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: