Travel Tibet by yourself with a roof suitcase to see the world of winter snow and cold

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The first two trips were to Tibet by train in summer and to Lhasa by China Eastern Airlines in the winter of 2022.I had no symptoms the previous two times, but this time I felt chest tightness and couldn’t breathe on the plane.Although so, but still can not resist patting momentum, the journey to the weather is not very good, Tibet’s mountains and rivers in the clouds looming.The first thing I did after I arrived in Lhasa was to take a nucleic acid test. Since I arrived late, I went to the Hospital of the Tibet Military Area Command to take a nucleic acid test.Winter in Lhasa does not seem cold.As usual, come to Barkhor street for a stroll and a snack.Back at the hotel in the evening, my heart began to beat, my heart rate went up to 100 when I was calm, and my blood oxygen level was as low as 75%. I began to feel headache and chest tightness.Lying in bed, I felt my heart beating to my throat, and I couldn’t fall asleep at all. I never thought I would be like this in winter when I was not high at all in summer.Helpless, a few days ago can only rely on sleeping pills to maintain sleep to Qiongmu gang ga on the way to meet the national class A protected animal – black-necked crane, their every move is particularly elegant.It is highly recommended that anyone who wants to photograph wild animals buy a telephoto of over 200.In the afternoon we came to The Jongmganga glacier, there were a lot of lovely mouse rabbits in and out of the hole.Now there are two kids fighting, and then there are three kids, and they can’t be cute anymore. The frozen lake in front of Jongmganga is covered with snow, and there is no blue ice, so just roll and roll in the snow.The sun is right and the children in the south are so happy to see so much snow. The frozen icefall is blue.This day to Sapu sacred mountain, basically on the road, the way of the mountain like nature’s palette, from green to red.Most of the way around the Nu River, the world is covered in snow, the mountains of trees like snow sprinkled with cocoa powder.On the way, I saw a heroic vulture.It’s just this guy’s got a mean face.Always on the road, very sleepy and hungry, today share here, see you tomorrow.