The parties remember correctly, copy the electronic version of the catalogue of evidence into the U disk before the hearing, don’t bother

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Before the party holds a court session, prepare a U dish, the electronic copy of the document such as indictment (plaintiff), defense (defendant), cross-examination opinion, evidence catalogue that needs to be written down in the trial record is copied into U dish, it is copied, and then U dish does not have other things.This step, don’t bother, very practical.When you arrive in court, the first step is to give this USB drive to the clerk, have him open it, copy it and write it into the transcript.In this way, the clerk does not have to listen to you while remembering, the judge can also look at, the parties also avoid the risk of the clerk error, can be said to kill three birds with one stone.Especially if there is much evidence and many cross-examination opinions, this is even more necessary, otherwise it will be slow and have the risk of misremembering while listening in court.Even if you give the clerk a paper version, the clerk to the type, it is certainly not as good as copying the electronic version of the content before the court record, so convenient.Of course, these documents, the parties still want to have a paper version, more preparation before the court session.Court records are particularly important, on this basis, you don’t bother, think that before the court session also need to prepare A U disk, copy into word and so on, this is a small matter.If you’re too much trouble, the judge and the clerk will be too much trouble, and you’ll suffer.(I am Lawyer Xia Qihang. If you have any legal questions, please send me a private message and I will reply.)