Embracing my imperfections, I’m cured by this new “influencer” therapy book

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It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times.Every moment, each of us has our own unique mental activity. Our cognition, behavior and emotions are influenced by our mental activity. It is because of our mental activity that we become us, and it is because of our mental activity that we become ourselves.Depressed, depressed, made several news trending searches in 2021.Mental health has become a hot topic as the number of depressed people in China and around the world increases.Today, are you depressed?Are you anxious today?Today, are you depressed?Are you lonely today?Do you have a period of time when negative emotions, such as self-doubt and self-denial, come out of the blue and overwhelm you?How did you get out of your psychological isolation?I like zhang Defen’s words very much: “Dear, there is no one outside but yourself.”Inner child no matter we are what kind of a tough look outward, inward, we just need to see your inner child, meet the ta, ta, warm love ta, ta, self-affirmation, mindfulness continuously, life that seven colourful, will eventually warm shine into your body, let you find the hidden in the heart of power, face everything with confidence.The koala miss the mental healing class cover watching American wildly popular illustrator and designer Kate Allen “koala miss the mental healing class” is a very healing thing, in the Spring Festival holiday a warm sun afternoon, I was reading this new “web celebrity” mental healing, no surprise was cured by the warm in the book.Kate Allen (
Kate Allan
), author of the bestselling book The Soft Hedgehog, and a popular American illustrator and designer.She is good at writing and drawing healing content and has nearly one million fans on social platforms. Her works have been published by The Huffington Post, The
Mighty, Wear Your Voice Mag, Sparklife and many other media.Miss Koala’s Healing Class is a book that allows you to doodle and record your mood.Directory from preface to the book of the extra work table, which is divided into 15 section, will we may encounter in life anxiety, depression, not confident, loneliness, depression, self denial did to relieve negative emotions, such as one by one, at the same time in the process of question and answer, reshaping of mindfulness, self-esteem, positive psychology.I like this easy way of healing, such as the negative thoughts: every negative thought on the inside page has a corresponding positive thought, change the mode of thinking, in fact, is to reshape their own heart.Write down what you want to say to yourself, “Please try to be nicer to yourself, ok?””Please try to let go of things you can’t control” is also a great example:Inside page In real life, most of our excessive pressure is actually due to the burden of too much we can’t afford and can’t control, let go, relieve pressure, give yourself a little positive psychological hint, in fact, will often bring more confidence, and can better become yourself.For example, “Please embrace your imperfections” : no one is perfect in the inner page, but too many people are trapped in the “perfect person” self-set limits can not be redeemed, to apologize to ourselves, accept their own imperfections, is the confidence of our heart!From your high or low values, to sorting out your disorganized thoughts, to re-embracing your fat or thin body, to really consciously re-dealing with your relationships, to re-understanding and re-embracing your inner child, you can find happiness in your life anytime and anywhere.Inside this “koala miss the mental healing class with the help of psychological technology center points test set-up, mindfulness, painting, healing and a large number of self-approval illustrations, warm heart to help each sink in the negative emotion personal stress of young people to discover the path to our inner selves, completely accept yourself and find hidden in the heart of power,Regain the confidence to face everything!I am Chen Ma, a 247 book reader in 2021, who reads at least four books a week.Focus on youth education and self-lifelong learning, share my reading, education and psychological knowledge.Like my original text welcome to pay attention to, like, forward and comment!Please contact me for reprint, thank you!