Whole list!Provincial social fire technical service “100 people database” members publicity

2022-05-17 0 By

In order to further enhance the level of socialization of fire control work in our province and give full play to the social fire technical service staff on fire control safety management, fire control knowledge propaganda, fire control technology consulting assessment, fire control facilities equipment maintenance detection technology as support, fire rescue team plans to set up the province of sichuan province social fire technical services “library” one hundred people.In the early stage, the Corps has organized public solicitation, which is recommended by the unit, reported for preliminary examination, reviewed by the Corps and evaluated comprehensively. Now, the list of those selected in the “100 Talent pool” will be publicized.The publicity period is from March 31 to April 6, 2022.If you have different opinions or wrong personal information about the public object, you can call or write to the Legal and social fire work department of Sichuan Fire rescue Corps to report, contact number: 028-63003225.The following list