Tian Jing is still looking for the truth?Is it really fun just to bring goods?

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Xu Min’s family, all are responsible, in the search for the truth on the road, not afraid of dangers, not afraid of threats, wish you in the year of tiger, tiger tiger alive, continue to move forward.Also wish the truth to come as soon as possible, so that people concerned about 28 events out of the sea of suffering, let Xu Yao Tian three families return to normal life.Happy to support quietly, support the kind xu ma family, come on, come on, come on!Society needs people with positive energy!Cheat to donate, rob a room one smelly ten thousand years, Guo Du Bear rascal, legal blindness, it is negative teaching material, quickly blocked, do not want to see that those who work hand in hand with others!The law catch all, secretly old thief thief thief!!Carnivores is to use noodles cover meat, vegetarian is cover with noodles, noodles, you like is the best, Yao Wei was very kind, satisfy oneself again meet others, pot or a lot of meat, although forced to grow up in the snake rat nest, since saw his father and mother kiss, Yao Wei like came to the new world, that everything is very good!This “big shot” puts on a show every day, except for putting shit on the Internet.There’s nothing left to burn.Eating meat requires people to comment on it, to analyze it, to study it, to discuss it, to write papers.It means to accuse the Du family of not giving him food.So who did the wedding, the big house to start with?Do not perform, now people see her think of Lin Shengbin started acting, but more and more people awake, sick, more hate.There are a lot of people who lose their kids, and who have this kind of endless nonsense and Internet abuse.First time in history…The root of the tongue can not chew too much, endless fidgeting, will only bring retribution!Looking for the soul of young Liu Xuezhou sea tragedy, let me can not help but think of Yao Ce.Liu’s suicide was triggered by Internet violence. He simply wanted his parents to provide a place to live and was denounced by many netizens as a Wolf in the eyes, so that he could not bear to commit suicide.In fact, the first person to be called a Wolf is Yao Ce.Yao Ce is an ordinary post-90s youth who grew up under the love of his parents. He may have various shortcomings in his life, but he is not born evil. His life also shows a sunny and honest side, especially in the face of death, he is very strong!But such a young man, who was neither perfect nor evil, was reviled after his death.Mrs. Xu, the adoptive mother, wailed bitterly when he passed away, moving!Unfortunately, Ms. Xu has never publicly condemned the Internet violence against Yao Ce’s dead soul.Liu Xuezhou was called a white eyed Wolf and died, Yao Ce was called a white eyed Wolf after the tragic death, will the tragedy be staged?If the kid doesn’t try his best to get the house and the money as soon as possible this year, he will lose everything to Yao Xu.But no matter how duplicitous Guo Du is, all property transfer from the beginning is illegal, so no matter how the bear tries to please Guo Du, it is all in vain!Support Xu Min, thoroughly investigate the truth!The truth does not come out, netizen does not come loose!We stand with Xu Min and fight a long war against the traffickers until the truth comes to light and justice is served!All these deathbed struggles, all these desperate attempts will be in vain!Du baby for the only way out is to go to the police surrender, for huaihe hospital internal stolen baby for baby associates, for leniency of the law!Lay is controlled by the liu behind now is to wash the white, so she do have pictures to send articles, you see the New Year’s day, she went to meet Du Guofa an article, birthday to send an article, go to the market to buy clothes to send an article, are you laughing at her stingy and then buy clothes sent an article, and see if it is to wash and rub white flow,I want to know whether Liu was taking photos when Xiong Lei pulled the ear of yao Ce who was seriously ill. How terrible it is. With Liu deliberately taking photos in front of Yao Ce who was seriously ill, Xiong Lei still smiled and Yao Ce looked miserable.Jing are crisis, great wisdom is Xu Ma repair to the blessing, the so-called armed combat, hay and Xu Ma so far only pay no income, engage in a lawsuit, travel, hospitality, and life is need money, don’t like old du and bear 1.32 million bottom, donations of forage and houses in abundance, besides Du Xiong yellow licence to open.Tian Jing for Xu Ma solution of worries, provided economic foundation, made backing, not only pacify Xu Min guilty heart of Wei, and bear the cost of breadwinner and the growth of two grandchildren.Tian Jing with his own strength to solve xu Min a lot of troubles also provide xu Ma to trace the truth must fund, let Xu Ma Yao dad do not have to worry about the lives of descendants.It can be said that Tian Jing in the help of her younger brother to trace the truth of 28 made a great contribution, Tian, Xu is a community regardless of each other, Tian Jing has a good word, that is, yao Tian they are a!They’re family!Those who criticize are either ignorant or have an impassible purpose.