Wearing silk leggings and carefully choosing a fit version is a bit of a novelty

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Wearing silk leggings and carefully choosing a fit version is a bit of a novelty.Leggings collocation is to shape the demand is higher, once the body is not good enough, if collocation is improper, will seem very uncoordinated, is now the most clothing is inclusive, not the best match, only appropriate oneself figure collocation, today we introduce five kinds of the collocation of leggings, look what color is the most suitable, how to match?And how to look like a street photographer?The a-line trousers of luo Zhixiang’s style are first and foremost the key part — color and style.Overall, both dark shades are dull and not bright, which can be accentuated with some bright colors.White is the most comfortable with black, with a slightly darker brown and camel can add some lively feeling, if paired with some blue, it will look very holy, do not have a taste, dark girls are also very suitable.Black with light pink and light blue will also have a sense of layering, the color can be mainly distributed below the chest, or the chest, so that the whole picture appears more relaxed, to create the temperament of sportswear.The second is to choose the style.The white part of this same color leggings can be chosen in a color close to white, and it is better to have some white small letters on the chest to add some small features and fun.If paired with a small white shoe, it will have a handsome feeling.The collocation that Luo Zhixiang brunet fastens is slant mature, can choose the jeans of a few simple tannins perhaps dark blue jeans will match, we can choose a few shirts with simple design, add a few flexible small design in sleeve place, deserve to go up a break hole jeans or recreational half length pants to be able to make a few lively feeling.Pair them with bright colors for a younger, funnier look.Feather bo yeezy830 fastens with color suspenders leggings and a relatively bright leggings, you can have a try, is a kind of black ash double color suspenders, and black and gray are tie-in, feel good, like nail color, saturation too Gao Tailiang instead not good-looking, as to how to match, can jump and comparison is to make the black and grey color collocation,That’s why some people have a different sense of beauty.Apparently black and grey are too much for yellow skin and dark circles under the eyes.In addition, it is better not to pick the black sister in the dark, so that it will appear black show old show wearing very soil.A highly saturated pearlescent powder will actually look better.Black and white to match, generally a little middle-aged feeling.If the black girl can choose some yellow patterns of clothes, you can add some sexy feeling.Here is a special reminder of the color combination of leggings:Tie-in black the most prone to errors, it is important to note that to avoid black is the color, and other color collocation are together, as far as possible less abrupt, don’t gives people a feeling of suddenness, according to different clothes, actually we have different color is tie-in, less as far as possible to use a color or same color, the point is not the same, the effect is not the same.Be sure to note that for middle-aged women, simplicity is the first thing, if you try to choose what color of leggings, try to match a little bit of style, such as high collar, umbrella shape, lantern sleeve, etc., others can be slightly modified on the upper body, so that you look better.So you look tall again.