Reports in the door of the Wuhan billionaire Xu Bo, worth 28 billion, and NetEase mutual hacking

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The beginning of the 21st century saw the emergence of many classic games that are still talked about today.The rapid development of the game industry has brought about the rise of a new generation of rich young people.Among China’s young rich, the word “Xu Bo” is familiar to many people.There seem to be many labels on Xu Bo: genius, legend, dog blood…He built a brilliant gaming empire, but at the same time, he was also embroiled in scandal, not only because of the “tip-off” scandal, but also had a decade-long “love/hate relationship” with NetEase.Xu bo was born in 1977 to a well-off family in Wuhan.In those days, Xu had access to the latest consoles, which laid the foundation for his future game company.Since he was a child, Xu showed amazing intelligence and intelligence. Despite playing video games often, he never fell behind in exams and always came first.However, xu dropped out of junior high school for family reasons, but leaving school early did not dampen his talent.On the contrary, Xu bo got a job as a customer service worker at NetEase in 2001 at the age of 24 with a junior high school education.In 2002, Xu Bo was lucky enough to participate in the internal test of A Chinese Odyssey Online as a customer service member and write down his feedback and opinions about the game.Because of his love for games since childhood, Xu bo’s question feedback lasted more than 30 pages, which made him famous and hired as a planning director on the spot.Later, in an article introducing the game “A Chinese Odyssey Online”, a sentence was also recorded: “An unplanned product initiated by the customer service staff”. This “customer service staff” was Xu Bo, and this sentence also reflects Xu Bo’s talent in games beyond ordinary people.Nowadays speaking of “A Big Chinese Odyssey Online”, many people may not know it, but it also has a more well-known name — “Dream Westward Journey”.After that, Xu bo’s talent was discovered by more “bigwigs”.In 2006, Jinshan Invested in Xu, with which xu led a group of people to set up Toyi Network.He made dreamWorld, which proved his talent once again, and his popularity was further enhanced.Dreamworld hit over 100 million yuan in revenue just one year after its release, while The Shenwu series was also a huge success.Thus, Xu Bo created a game empire that belonged to him step by step.In 2016, Xu was worth more than 28 billion yuan, ranking 40th on Forbes China’s Rich list, making him one of the most eye-catching young billionaires in the world.Although he has made great achievements in his career, xu bo has never been out of love.”My small goal is to have 50 high-quality sons,” Xu once said on his Weibo account.The remark, like a stone thrown into water, sparked heated discussion among netizens, with some even calling Xu a “real-life emperor.”In an article titled “Xu Bo, a former NetEase executive with a net worth of 28 billion yuan, gave birth to 12 children and became a real-life polygamist,” xu’s marriage philosophy and love life were “revealed.”Xu bo has been advocating polygamy, fathered 12 children with six women, and openly “sought marriage” on his micro blog, asking for high-quality women under the age of 23.In this article, Xu Bo seems to be a superior “emperor”, in his eyes, the greatest value of women is to give birth.However, Xu said he is a non-marriage activist and believes marriage is unfair to girls: if the woman gets older, the man is more likely to find a younger woman, so divorce is inevitable.But if you do not get married, then the two parties will not divorce, in a sense, it is to protect women.But xu’s clarification has not gone down well with many netizens, and xu has often come under fire for it.In fact, Xu bo’s worldview has a lot to do with his childhood experience.Although he grew up in a comfortable home, but he was often beaten by his father, and later the divorce of his parents, but also caused an indelible shadow to him.However, such a gloomy childhood did not let Xu Bo go astray, because of the fate with the game, just let him set foot on the road to success.Another netizen claiming to be a “former Toyi employee” revealed that although Xu designed the game from the perspective of players, his real dream was to build Toyi into his own kingdom.As a result, Toeic became xu’s voice. If an employee objected to Xu, he would be fired the next day.Xu Bo realized his dream through the game, but he was constantly having a scandal, the reason, or childhood misfortune caused.The dispute between Xu Bo and NetEase lasted for more than a decade.In 2001, Xu became an employee of the customer service team for NetEase’s Chinese Odyssey Online.In 2002, he showed his talent in games and made the game “A Chinese Odyssey Online” become popular from the initial failure.Thanks to the popularity of “A Chinese Odyssey Online,” Xu has become famous in the industry.However, in 2005, the new project xu bo prepared did not land in NetEase. After that, he left NetEase and started his own business.NetEase explained the reason for Xu’s resignation as “incompatible ideas”, but xu himself said that he was “dissatisfied with NetEase’s distribution model and a small number of incompetent but dedicated power players”.Although NetEase and Xu Bo can be regarded as “unhappy parting”, with the passage of time, the contradictions and differences between the two sides gradually exposed and gradually deepened.In 2006, Xu bo established Toeic Network with the investment of Jinshan Department. Later, the members who worked with him on the dream Westward Journey project also left NetEase and joined Xu Bo’s team.In this regard, some media also reported that this situation is attributed to “poaching”.NetEase later issued a statement clarifying that Ding Yingfeng was the mastermind behind Fantasy Westward Journey.But according to Xu, the project had already been in progress for more than half a year when Ding joined NetEase, and the core parts of Fantasy Westward Journey were all completed by Xu himself, so he was the mastermind.After this, xu Bo and NetEase’s divergence is bigger and bigger.In 2007, The first game “DreamWorld ONLINE” launched by Doyi Network began to be tested. However, xu Bo’s working experience in NetEase was mentioned in the press release of the game at the early stage, so he received a lawyer’s letter from NetEase on the day of the internal test of “DreamWorld ONLINE”.But the dispute was eventually settled.Although the case ended in a settlement, xu and NetEase have since been involved in a series of lawsuits, so the letter seems like a harbinger of things to come.In 2010, Doyi network launched a new game called “Shenwu”, and with this game, Xu bo made a lot of money, and even bought back all the shares of Jinshan with more than 8 yuan of PE.In 2012-13, Shenwu was ranked as the “top 10 most popular online games” by China’s Game Report for two consecutive years, which shows how popular the game is.But in 2015, NetEase filed a lawsuit with the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, claiming that the Shenwu game infringed on fantasy Westward Journey’s copyright and constituted unfair competition.Duoyi network to stop operating “Shenwu”, and compensation NetEase 20 million yuan of economic losses.On September 15, 2016, the verdict came out, and Toeic Network lost the lawsuit.The guangzhou Intellectual Property Court of the first instance ruled that Shenwu copied a large number of core game elements of Fantasy Westward Journey, which constituted copyright infringement. The deliberate imitation of Fantasy Westward Journey and malicious plagiarism constituted unfair competition.It ordered Toyi Network to immediately stop infringing upon NetEase’s copyright;Immediately stop the acts of unfair competition involved;Indemnify NetEase for economic losses of 15 million yuan.Although The company said at the time that the lawsuit would not affect the company’s IPO process, if the company’s core products were removed from the IPO process, it would be a big blow to the company, but also have a certain impact on its future.In the more than a decade since Xu left NetEase, Toeic and NetEase have been growing at the same pace, as can be seen from the game Shenwu.And a variety of and NetEase “standard” behavior, not only to Xu Bo itself brought no small “trouble”, but also virtually to the company’s development has brought great resistance.In 2021, a long article written by Xu himself was posted on the front page of Toeic.Content exposed duoyi company female CEO Tang Yilu and his henchmen cheat the company hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising, but finally did not see what advertising things, and Tang Yilu in order to hide this matter, cover up players using plug-ins.At the beginning of The establishment of Toeic, Tang yilu served as a marketing staff in the company. With the expansion of the company, Tang Yilu was promoted from level to level by virtue of his outstanding personal ability, and eventually became the CEO.Since Xu did not care about anything other than research and development, Tang yilu was responsible for the company’s administration, public relations, advertising, marketing and human resources, which formed a “group” with Tang yilu as the core.After discovering Tang Yilu’s abominable behavior, Xu Bo decides to thoroughly investigate this case that makes a person SOB.So he did something amazing — he added a Guilt Tablet NPC to the game and allowed all players to criticize and spit on the chairman.The incident caused huge waves on the Internet, as it is considered a disgrace to the CEO of a company. But why did Xu go public with it?First of all, after tang Yilu case incident, Xu Bo and Tang Yilu two people have torn the face, so he vaguely hope Tang Yilu in the industry can not stand, but can not let peers to ban her fanatically.So “airing dirty laundry in public” can be said to let Tang Yilu reputation, I think peers also dare not appoint Tang Yilu.Second, although the CEO case still brings some negative effects to the company, exposing the scandal to the public can further promote the company’s reputation and earn a large wave of traffic resources.It also gives you the opportunity to promote a wave of your company and game, killing two birds with one stone.It must be said that Xu Bo’s operation did bring a lot of attention to the company, but after the “tip-off” incident, Xu Bo had to reconsider the future development of the company, and need to find a suitable candidate to replace Tang Yilu.For Xu, the incident was not only a lesson in hiring failure, but also forced him to rethink the company’s future prospects.Throughout Xu bo’s wealth story, it is not only legendary, but also from all sides of the mixed evaluation has been accompanied by him.He was lucky to be on the cusp of rapid growth in the game industry.But his story is full of dog blood, “love news”, “report door”, “with 6 women gave birth to 12 children” and other events have been talking with relish.