“Zero tolerance” for illegal users and content

2022-05-14 0 By

Recently, the official announcement of the national K Song in February to illegal users and content disposal results.According to the announcement, during February 2022, a total of 53,000 complaints were verified and processed, 15,800 illegal accounts were banned, 6,980 live broadcasts and song rooms were allowed, and 590 illegal audio and video works were recorded.As national level social music entertainment platform, a karaoke gathered a large number of karaoke enthusiasts, mass content in entertainment platform content rich, enhance the user experience at the same time, also with the mud and sand flow together, and the problems of the good and bad are intermingled, some vulgar, illegal content and damage the interest of users, disturb the order of community ecology, pollution platform.In this regard, All people karaoke actively implement the main responsibility of the platform, adhere to multiple measures, and resolutely “zero tolerance” for illegal content and users.In terms of business security risk control system, KGE adopts the “double insurance” mode of technical identification and manual audit.Through image fingerprint recognition, audio fingerprint recognition, AI intelligent classification and other technical means, 24-hour monitoring of online live broadcast and song room content, once found violations involving infringement, violence, vulgar, fraud and other content, will be immediately closed.At the same time, the national K Song security team adhere to the combination of “special inspection + monthly inspection”, in addition to regular live broadcasting, song room and other platform segments to carry out special rectification activities, monthly will also carry out regular inspection, to limit and seal the account violations, and published the results of the disposal of users and content violations.In addition, KGE also gives full play to the user’s supervision and maintenance, and strives to achieve the “platform leading + user participation” of co-construction, governance and sharing.When users use The App, if they find infringement, violence, vulgar, fraud and other illegal content, they can report it through the “Report” button on the current function page.For every piece of information reported, all people karaoke will be the first time to verify and feedback.Report the top 20 times per month, and verify the accuracy of 80% of the users, the national karaoke will also send exquisite peripheral and karaoke props.To build a clean cyberspace, we need not only the “discipline” of relevant departments and platform entities, but also the “discipline” of user supervision, and more importantly, the “self-discipline” of every user.It is believed that under this set of content security risk control system and supervision system, all people karaoke will be able to create a more clean platform ecology, so that every user can enjoy a more healthy and high-quality music entertainment experience of “singing, listening, watching and playing”.