Learned!This is how top Formula One teams respond to regulatory innovation

2022-05-14 0 By

Not only have the 2022 rules revolutionized the concept of formula One aerodynamics, but this year the power unit has also undergone a major overhaul.Mercedes’ head of high performance powertrain, Hywel Thomas, explained why the team had been working hard on the engine all winter.The changes include the use of E10 fuel and a freeze on power unit development from March 1.E10 fuel, which includes 10 percent ethanol, reduces carbon dioxide emissions.”The opportunity with a new car is to fundamentally rethink things,” Says Mr Thomas.In some ways, it gives us more opportunities, fuels our enthusiasm and the imagination of the engineers, and even makes the car stronger.””The biological composition changes to ethanol, which means the engine will react slightly differently to the fuel.We are happy with some aspects of the response, but for others, to be honest, we are not so happy.””What we have to do is change the fuel as much as possible. In order to maximize the positive effects and minimize the negative effects, we change the hardware of the power unit as much as possible.””This year’s launch of E10 fuel is probably the biggest rule change we’ve had since 2014.So making sure that we actually develop this fuel is quite a task, and one should not underestimate the effort that we have put in.”A freeze in powertrain development and changes in aerodynamics meant Mercedes’ high performance powertrain division and other manufacturers such as Renault, Ferrari and Red Bull powertrains had to reassemble their powertrains to fit the new cars.”There will be a new chassis in 2022, and those parts of the car are very sensitive to lap times, and there are some areas that are not so sensitive.”Our effort with the power unit is to get it as far away from sensitive areas as possible and to put it in low sensitive areas to give the car designer maximum flexibility.””That means we need to work closely with the chassis department, working with all the engineers to make sure the power unit is where it should be, making the car the fastest overall.””So with the use of new fuels, the freeze in power unit development, new cars, new aerodynamic concepts and power units.This is a challenge for all involved, especially the HIGH Performance Powertrain team.”Mercedes will unveil their new car on 18 February and we will see the results of their efforts at the first round of pre-season testing from 23 to 25 February.