Zhang Qian’s Biography serial 24: The list of emperor Jie

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A bright moon in the sky, silver flicker through the window lattice hole hole, poured on the imperial case on the books, and the swaying light melted together.The huns gave her the huns wine, rice and food which gave her the huns the huns. The huns gave her the huns which gave her many huns.Read here, the emperor could not help but burn with anger, only listen to the “pa” 1, the emperor threw the book on the ground, stroke sleeve and up, in the indoor pacing, meditation, then issued such a question: “is it possible and the appointment of the nest of the nest to continue?”All of a sudden, he saw another bleak and depressed picture: the early Han Dynasty, sparsely populated, barren farmland, and ruined economy;Then there was Ying Bu, Chen Siegu, and the rebellion of the Seven Kingdoms of Wu and Chu…And the culture of the governance of today, adjoining villages, liu Livestock prosperity, fertile soil thousands of miles, grain abundance;Taicang accumulated grain, millet mildew;The Treasury’s coffers are piled high, and the lines of money decay beyond count;The market is booming, the army is strong…From unbearable to the past, the Emperor stopped pacing and picked up the slips before returning to the case.That tight double eyebrow is strong national strength slowly smooth.Then he opened the window and looked at the jade wheel in the middle of the sky, which seemed even brighter and brighter than before.He saw the lofty towers, the brilliant lights, amid the melodious sounds of orchestral song and dance;Smell the mellow wine, sweet rice…That night, a thorough counterattack xiongnu military strategy map began to brewing, drawing: the xiongnu control of the twenty countries to win over, not cut off the right arm of the Xiongnu?When they unite with the Great Yue clan, won’t they form a pincer attack against the Huns?Keep enemy things locked up, like turtles in a jar, and see if they can move in and out?The emperor thought more excited, he decided to send envoys to the west to contact the big moon.Jianyuan three years (before 138) early spring one day, Chang ‘an weiyang official weeping willow gently shake, swallows cut fly, warm wind, apricot spit incense.The palace of five steps on the first floor, ten steps of a pavilion, the corridor back to see, high peck eaves teeth.Hall in the middle of the carved dragon throne sitting wentaotou son of liu Che.The palace lady holding the pheasant feather fan standing behind, the chambermaid holding the white guiyun broom standing on both sides, imposing solemn.Officials and generals, dressed in different hats, are bowing down to worship.After a long hail, emperor Wudi said to the officials in both sides of the border: “I am deeply saddened by the report that the Xiongnu have betrayed their loyalty and have been ruling the western part of Longxi county, burning, killing and plundering our border people and killing thousands of people.How can you sit idly by and ignore this magnificent man, with his wealth and his people?Today I have invited you to discuss the best policy.”The imperial historian went out to play: “Xiongnu are nomadic people in China. They can ride horses and shoot well. They are fierce and wild.And when Emperor Gaozu was in power, he had made a peace treaty, and the first emperor has continued to this day.As I have seen, the law of the king must not be changed at will.”Taizhong doctor Wang Hui said: “I heard that the fashion of the Whole Dynasty (at the beginning of the Warring States Period,” Dynasty “was a country, later destroyed by Zhao Xiangzi) can beat it, but now the rise of the Han dynasty can beat it even more.”When Lang Zhong told Shi Jian to hear what Wang Hui said, he was in a state of anxiety and immediately reported, “I hear that Emperor Gaozu was besieged in the city and had to go without food for several days.After the rescue without anger, but sent Liu Jing and its relatives, so far has been five.It is better not to strike, as our ancestors taught us.”Wang Hui hesitated and argued, “Gaozu did not retaliate against Pingcheng because his country was weak and his people were in need of livelihood.Since the fifth world, the son of Heaven has married many princess, every year bribe gold and silver jewelry, wou silk, food and wine tens of thousands, not for the well-being of the people.The huns jackal nature is hard to change, can only requisition…”And the princes thought it right.Xu Chang of few words also expressed support.Standing in the side of the Lang Officer Zhang Qian heart tide ups and downs, secretly excited.The Emperor pondered for a long time, and the scene under the lamp came back to his mind.That night, I read Wei Qing’s document, which wrote a confession of xiongnu’s surrender: The Yue dynasty occupied the land of jiusun, a neighboring country, and clashed with xiongnu. In the fifth year of the First Yuan Dynasty (175 BC), the Yue people were defeated by MAO Dun Shan Yu for many times, and the state was on the wane.By the time Lao Shangdan had been thoroughly defeated.Lao Shang Shan killed the Yue-shi king and cut off his head to make a wine vessel.After the national disaster, they were forced to move to the west and settled down at the GUI area, which was called the Great Yueshi.They hate the Huns very much, always thinking of revenge, but their strength is weak, has been suffering from no one to help…Emperor Wudi turned his hopeful eyes to Wei Qing, who had just been promoted to become an aide. “What is Wei Qing’s opinion?”Wei Qing had already made up his mind. He came straight to the point and said, “Your Majesty, I have twice addressed you.I thought the confession of xiongnu’s surrender was an important clue.It would be the best policy to make an alliance with daeyuki.The emperor suddenly left his seat, stood in front of the imperial desk and waved his hand.All the ministers looked at each other and bowed their heads in silence.Xu Chang, the prime minister, was afraid of the wrath of the Son of Heaven, so he quickly intervened to reconcile the impasse: “Your Majesty has this intention, and let the ministers discuss it again.”Wang Hui struck while the iron was hot and offered his best advice: “It is now or never too late.Will your Majesty put up recruitment notices?There is so much talent in this room that someone must step forward!”Is the night, the emperor called Tian Jie people palace plan.Send a person to the western regions, this is no small matter, no wonder all the officials pretended to be deaf and dumb, just afraid of the heavy task fall on their shoulders.Because the Central Plains people know little about the Western regions, and are influenced by many myths and legends.For example, many people believe that the Miao people living in the southwest have wings and fly in the air.There was a kingdom of Wan Qu, whose people were ten zhang in height. They wove feathers of birds and animals to keep out the cold.King Mu of Zhou went west to Kunlun and met the Queen Mother of the West. The two of them rewarded each other at a banquet.The Queen Mother of the West added: white clouds in the sky, mountains from the.The road is far away, between mountains and rivers.Jiangzi did not die, but still can come back.King Mu of Zhou responded with a poem: “Return to the east, and govern all summers.”All nations are equal, and I see thee.After three years, I will be back in the wild.These beautiful legend, make many people mistakenly believe that the western regions have a group of jade mountain, the jade pool, YaoTai, queen kind of fairy, geographical conditions and some of the western regions to touch people who do not know, and that the han dynasty in the center of the world, it is the north side of the vast stretches of desert, the west is full of steep mountains, southeast of the two sides surrounded by the sea.There are only some “Yidi barbarians” between the mountains, the sea and the desert, and beyond the mountains, the sea and the desert lies the mysterious universe.To find the big moon, to trek thousands of miles of quicksand, endure the pain of difficult to find a drop of water.What’s more, must pass through the huns hun evil king and Hugh tu king control of the vast area, at any time there is the risk of being captured and killed, who to do a lampmoth to throw fire – self-burning body?Emperor Wudi made a decisive decision. Three days later, on the thoroughfare of Chang ‘an city, a board was displayed in an imperial letter of letters, which was written by Emperor Wudi: “The Hungarians are rampant, and have repeatedly committed crimes against the Han Dynasty, killing border people and seizing property.In order to solve this problem, a number of yueshi warriors were recruited.All han subjects, whether military, civilian, industrial or commercial, as long as the able-bodied can apply for recruitment.Return home, according to the merits of reward.Huang Letters just posted, as lang officer Zhang Qian, surging, overjoyed.All these years, he thought, he had been trying to serve his country.Although an arrow zhihuang grace, but is the emperor’s side of the lang officer.Today, it’s time for zhang Qian to show his skill.That night, he had an interesting dream, as if to the queen Mother of the West beside the yao pool, in the fairy mountain qiongge kindly Queen Mother of the West for him to drink and wash the dust.Trance with the Moon and soldiers flanked xiongnu victory and return, the Emperor held a banquet for him to celebrate…With this dream, Zhang Qian happily came to wei Qing house.The two drank and laughed heartily.Zhang Qian said, “I would appreciate your recommendation and help me, otherwise I, a peasant, would have to kiss ass all my life.Ha ha!””Ha ha!Wei Qing leaned back and laughed. “Why do you talk like that?How can you feed a horse without sucking up?No qianli horse dedicated to the emperor, how can the emperor side when lang officer?This ass smell good, smell on the emperor’s side!”Zhang Qian also laughed.Zhang Qian said tentatively, “I have a concern to…”‘Then be happy!Wei Qing raised her glass again: “Come, drink while talking!”They toasted frequently.Zhang Qian said, “During the court meeting this morning, your Majesty proposed to unite with the Dayue clan to fight the Huns, which is exactly what I like.But there are those who fear that no one will be able to carry out the task, and I think — “” Look, you want me to recommend you again?”Zhang Qian nodded.”I advise you not to think of it.””Why?””It is not easy to reach the Western regions!The mountains, rivers and geography were unknown to the People of central China.And the language is not familiar, folk customs are not known, the path is not familiar.””I know that.””You don’t know.It is said that the Western regions are full of sand and stones.Aren’t you afraid of the heat in summer and the freezing cold in winter?””If I am afraid, I will not go, and if I go, I will not be afraid.When I was young, I read the Book of Mountains and Seas, which said that the Western Regions were the place where immortals lived.The Queen Mother lived high up in the Kunlun Mountains, where there was a yao pond and a flat peach orchard.This is the time to find out!””But you are an ordinary person, not an immortal!””Are the Yue people immortals?How did they get there?”Wei Qing shook her hand in front of her chest.If you are determined to go, I will support you!”Review of the previous issue: The Biography of Zhang Qian, Serial 23: The Campaign in the Middle of Heqin (PART 2)