Xianyang City Road Bureau changwu management section: snow to ensure the Spring Festival road safety and smooth

2022-05-12 0 By

On the afternoon of February 5th, another round of heavy snow fell in Changwu, causing a sudden drop in temperature. The road surface of changwu section of National Highway 312 was covered with snow, with a thickness of 3 cm, and traffic was blocked.Snow is the command, secretary-general of xianyang roads authority management section immediately start emergency preplans for snow removal chang bao, all the cadres and workers to give up the lunar New Year holiday for snow removal chang bao work, according to the principle of “general” after focus first, adopt mechanical wipe out the pavement of snow and way of human and snowmelt agent, the key guarantee of heihe river bridge, grew up ran shop bridge and longitudinal slope and key sections,Ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.In snow protection at the same time, the majority of cadres and workers seriously practice the service purpose, take the initiative to rescue, boost a number of sideslip, flameout vehicles, to help the company out of the dilemma, and warmth to remind the majority of the company by friends snow and ice weather driving matters, reduce the speed, to ensure the safety of driving;At present, Randian road class convenience service room has been open 24 hours to the public, in the guarantee of highway safety and smooth at the same time will be sent to the road love every snow day travel company passenger side.As of 6 PM, all the snow in the area melted. More than 20 people were dispatched, 5 machines were deployed, and more than 7 tons of snow melt agent were scattered. The snow in changwu section of 312 National Highway has been basically cleared, and vehicles are passing normally.The section will continue to pay attention to weather conditions, with greater efforts and personnel to improve the efficiency of snow removal on National Highway 312, and ensure road safety and smooth.Bai Ying and Chen Yaru) Editor: Ma Ruiqin Editor: Lin Xi