He was the most regretful of the seven actors who went downhill, each worse than the last

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The actor in the entertainment circle is quick to become famous, and also quick to retire.Looking back on those red and purple actors, now everyone is on the decline, a more miserable than a, but only he is the most regrettable.First, The release xiaolong handsome, meng, warm, with the child star Xiaolong body, is not excessive.Wolf dad was sent to Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts, exercise.Then met Bole, was regarded by his father as a cash cow, followed by his son’s agent, shot a number of films, a hit.The father also cashed in on his son’s fame.Unfortunately, he was rebellious and disobedient, and was sent to study abroad by his father. When he returned to China for development, times had changed, and his fame was no longer “disturbed” and he became an important ordinary person.He and He Jie fell in love because of the play, but did not go on for a long time, the reason was suspected by the public.Some say that they fall in love with younger siblings because they spend less time together and spend more time apart. Others say that parents of the two go their separate ways due to their children’s career prospects.It’s a mystery forever.Judging from his name, he is a male star who has not yet woken up.What impresses me most is that he is very kind and sincere and keen on public welfare. Every song he creates is infused with his soul and hot heart, which makes people full of expectations.He was always lukewarm, but the best thing he left us was that he was willing to be himself, a good singer to appreciate.Li Wei li Wei is the champion of fast men, now this name is no longer hot, has become a name that no one wants.He had his full wings, but he himself broke them and became a fallen angel.Brewing such a tragic outcome also comes down to the fact that he interfered with the awakening of the feelings, occupying other people’s girlfriend, but also openly on social platforms to post large scale photos of himself and the awakening of the girlfriend.I do not know that Li Wei is psychologically unhealthy, or want to rub off on the heat to make their own fame faster, the results not only did not achieve their own, but also let their value plummeted.Now I am unemployed at home, spending all day with my cat, and writing songs is just a pastime. Therefore, I must be careful about my popularity and be sensible and mature when doing things.Chuanjun is a young male star who stands out in ipartment.At the beginning, he just lived for making bad movies. He didn’t know his direction and played every seemingly high-quality drama in a muddleheaded way, until he met his brother Jin Shijia, who changed his fate completely.Jin Shijia met him when he was most confused, shared what he had learned all his life, and gave him his famous sayings to make him completely awake and understand what he needed in the end.Since then, Wang began to change himself, using his own efforts to improve his acting skills in a short period of time.In each film, he conquers and impresses the audience with every detail: delicate and vivid.Now, we are no longer stuck in the “Ipartage” of the ingrained character sekiya, should be a new way to recognize the clean handsome boy, he is called Wang Chuanjun.Five, Yao Qianyu heard the name is very strange, but after watching this very healing face, it is hard to forget.Her works “daughter-in-law is how to temper”, “daughter-in-law’s Beautiful declaration”, “good wife”, and so on, can not leave the family drama category.In addition, there are not many classic works, perhaps because her face is not popular with the audience, caused by the disaster.Huo Jianhua entered the middle age of the team, the integration of some of the roles in the play, body expression control more and more no strength, their own personality charm is getting lower and lower, but let him play with ease “The Journey of Flower”, “Immortal Sword”, let him harvest once flow.Secondly, Wallace huo’s personality gives people a cold and distant feeling.His character lacks a certain sense of humor, which makes him stumble unnecessarily.Seven, Zhu Zixiao once in “together to see the meteor shower” in the figure, and was the mango stage alone pet, a shot to fame.Later, on various variety shows, she imitated many stars with her own strength and personal skills, attracting a lot of attention.In the following years, he lost the external power to pull the bridge, the network resource circle is becoming narrower and narrower, his own heat is gone with the wind, disappeared in the circle, devoted himself to the business, founded his own skin care brand.Writing in the last review of the above seven actors, it is really a pity that Wang Chuanjun.His career has been led by ipartment, and people seem to have forgotten his inner potential. I hope you can look back and refresh your understanding of him.A has-been actor, though no longer remembered, has reaped material and spiritual wealth during his career.They, too, have been accepted and loved by us, accompanied by us through the best of times, and deserve to be the accumulation of history.We also hope that the outdated actors can stay true to their original aspiration, look to the future, and re-emerge as their true selves and keep moving forward.