Shanwei intersection two girls were hit and fly

2022-05-11 0 By

Netizens revealed that at about 16:00 on January 12, 2022, a traffic accident occurred at the intersection of a traffic light in shanwei section of National Highway 324. When two girls were driving a motorcycle through the intersection, they were hit by a straight white car on the right and fell to the ground.Two cars were badly damaged and the scene was a mess.From the accident scene video provided by netizens, we can see that two girls driving a motorcycle from north to south through the intersection, white car from west to east collision with it.They were knocked into the air, and a pair of shoes were thrown several meters into the air, so you can imagine how big the impact was.The injuries of the two girls are unknown. Details are subject to official briefings.The dashcam footage was breathtaking and taught us a profound lesson.We should take the real example as a warning, never wait for bad things to happen, only to regret.First of all, neither girl was wearing a safety helmet, and neither car slowed down when they passed the intersection.Shan End public security to drive a motorcycle not to wear safety helmet regulation strength increases code ceaselessly, Lufeng police is to look for clues to come to the door to give severe punishment, unexpectedly some citizens thought is stubborn, so despise life.