To see the vice president of the United States?Unexpectedly, lai Qingde did not arrive, “Taiwan independence” to meet a blow

2022-05-10 0 By

According to the island’s Democratic Progressive Party authorities, Tsai Ing-wen will send her deputy Lai Ching-de to Honduras to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new Honduran president, and us Vice President Harris will also attend the ceremony in the “Back garden of America”.Faced with this “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity, some ANTI-China lawmakers in the United States began to say that Harris will meet with Lai In Honduras.At the same time, Lai Qingde also deliberately in Honduras and back trip, planning two “transit” the United States design, also said that during the “transit” in the United States, and the United States political leaders have a video conference, have to say, Taiwan authorities in order to attract attention, brush existence, is really “painstaking”.However, the US side can not dare to such a high profile, about Lai Ching de “transit” news leaked, the US State Department quickly stressed: Lai Ching de’s trip is a “private arrangement”, absolutely not “official trip”, the US arrangement will not violate the “One-china policy”.I am glad that the United States still knows its commitment to the one-china policy.But the trick of changing the concept of the United States is really too clumsy, belongs to the typical: do that and build archway!Also do not know these “tricks” in the end is to play to see who?However, “Taiwan independence” activists are quite fond of this, and this act of “support for Taiwan” in their eyes is enough to make them “happy” for a long time.The spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council strongly stated that no matter what tricks the US colludes with the Taiwan authorities, it cannot change the fact that Taiwan is part of China. There is only one China in the world, and any action that supports Taiwan’s “independence” will only end up playing with fire and getting burned.Of course, the US is not without its own understanding. Recently, a us military and political figure expressed his views on the Taiwan Issue in an interview with the French media. He is former US Admiral Stavridis.He mainly expressed his views from the two aspects of the significance of the US “arms sales to Taiwan” and how the US would react if the PLA took extreme measures to solve the Taiwan issue.The first is “arms sales to Taiwan,” which he sees as the reason for America’s “two-sided strategy” toward China, and which means a lot to the United States.Second, if the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army were to take extreme measures to resolve the Taiwan issue, that is, send troops to recover it, Mr Stavridis argues that there is a high probability that the White House could not resolve to “help” Taiwan, but would later impose “nuclear weapons-grade” economic sanctions on China.Stavridis’s remarks undoubtedly dealt another blow to the “Taiwan independence” in The island. I cannot count how many OTHER American military officials have made similar remarks on the Taiwan Straits issue.As for the “nuclear weapons-level economic sanctions”, to be honest, if you have the ability to engage China in the Taiwan Strait, how can you think of “economic sanctions” as the last resort?