“Road Map” for Scientific and technological Innovation development in Zhuhai

2022-05-10 0 By

On February 16, the reporter learned from the municipal Science and Technology Bureau that recently, the People’s Government office of Xining issued the “14th Five-year” Science and technology Innovation Plan of Xining city (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”), which sets a “roadmap” for the development of science and technology innovation in the next five years.By 2025, Xining will be built into an important innovation center on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and even in northwest China.It is clear in the Plan that Xining will further implement the strategy of innovation-driven development and talent priority development, focus on the “four aspects” of scientific and technological innovation, focus on strengthening the ecological construction of scientific and technological innovation, and support the construction of modern beautiful and happy Xining with efficient innovation system.By 2025, the system and mechanism of science and technology management will be improved, the market-oriented mechanism of technology innovation will be improved, the allocation of innovation resources will be optimized, investment in science and technology will be significantly increased, the city’s comprehensive innovation capacity will be significantly improved, new breakthroughs will be made in collaborative innovation, and the environment for science and technology innovation will be optimized.We continued to increase government investment, and the ratio of China’s R&D spending to GDP rose to more than 1.5%, the proportion of enterprises engaged in R&D activities reached more than 20%, and the proportion of r&d spending by enterprises reached more than 75% of China’s total R&D spending, and the number of patents for inventions owned by 10,000 people reached seven.For every 10,000 employed people, there are 35 r&d personnel, and the annual turnover of technology contracts has exceeded 1 billion yuan.”Planning”, should be based on the unique ecological environment of qinghai-tibet plateau, the salt lake resources, clean energy, organic livestock products, characteristics of biology, such as cultural tourism resources endowment and unique cannot duplicate scene, speed up the construction of “1135” science and technology innovation and development of new pattern, namely to build a center, perfect a system, and stronger innovative three positions, improving the capacity of five,Build an efficient and open regional innovation system, greatly enhance the overall scientific and technological innovation capacity of Xining, and make innovation become an important driving force for xining to transform its economic development mode.”Planning”, stressed that to aim at the development of science and technology front, focus on the key link of industry chain, focusing on the major needs of the people’s livelihood, the surrounding ecological and environmental protection, photovoltaic manufacturing, lithium electricity industry, nonferrous metal new material, characteristics of chemical industry, biological medicine, digital economy, modern agriculture, life and health, people’s livelihood security, and other areas of the top ten, organize the implementation of a batch of high and new technology research and development and industrialization projects,To promote cross-boundary technological innovation in various fields, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and explore scientific and technological solutions for Xining in order to continuously build a national innovative city.The Plan calls for strengthening innovation coordination, strengthening science and technology policy support, improving the guarantee of science and technology investment, establishing evaluation and assessment mechanisms, and creating a good atmosphere for innovation. All parties should concentrate their efforts to ensure the implementation of the Plan.The reporter Wang Qiong