Heshan District, Yiyang City: Learn from example and practice original aspiration rural teachers “charge up” to welcome new students to the future

2022-05-10 0 By

According to the Yiyang City Hechan District Education bureau on the new semester to organize teachers to study the spirit of the document.On the morning of February 17, the central school of Quanjiaohe Town in Heshan district carried out the teacher’s ethics learning activity of “learning ma Xiaojuan’s advanced deeds and summary” in the multimedia classroom.At the beginning of the activity, 78 faculty members gathered and listened to the introduction of ma Xiaojuan, an outstanding teacher from Changde, Hunan province, by president Hu Yong.Hu Yong stressed that as a service to a education worker of the party and the people, always stick to education of beginner’s mind, keep in mind the “do a warm school give students a reason like to go to school to” educational philosophy, with a sincere love life, with great concentration on his teaching post, with soul awakens the soul, with love light up the students’ life.”Ma Xiaojuan rooted in rural education for 6 years after graduation, 1001 nights, 1001 stories to actively guide rural left-behind children, when the growth of good students is not easy, worth learning.””She has interpreted the sacred responsibility of people’s teachers with practical actions and encouraged more excellent teachers to take root in rural education.””At such a young age, I have grown up to bear great responsibility and love. I admire the excellent teachers of Dawei.”In the process of learning and communicating, the teachers were filled with emotion.After the learning activity, all the teachers of Quanjiaohe Central School signed the letter of commitment of teacher ethics and actively submitted their personal learning experience.This study will sublimate the new semester of the school’s staff do not forget the original intention of teaching, firmly for the party and the country’s position of educating talent, teachers and students hand in hand to the future.(Reporter Tang Hui, Correspondent Zhang Shengxiang, Hu Minghui photo/article)