“Winter Olympics watching platform” e from the Olympic Games, listed companies show their skills of the golden domain of medicine

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The 24th Winter Olympic Games opened in Beijing on February 4, 2022.This is the first global sports event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak, symbolizing the resilience and solidarity of mankind.Securities Times • E company specially planned the “Winter Olympics Grandstand” — a series of video reports on the Beijing Winter Olympics, telling the story of listed companies participating in the Winter Olympics and helping the Winter Olympics, showing the presence of listed companies behind the stage, opening a new window for looking for investment value, and specially inviting investors to enjoy the feast of ice and snow in the cloud.
Thanks to effective epidemic prevention and control measures, the Winter Olympic Games, which have attracted worldwide attention, are in full swing, which is heartening.Behind the pomp and circumstance, can not leave the nucleic acid testing strength support.As one of Beijing Olympics epidemic prevention and control of the nucleic acid detection power, for safeguarding the smooth progress of the event to guangzhou golden field medicine laboratory, such as science and technology strength, independent research and development the upgrade of the high-throughput scenarios more mobile emergency laboratory, namely Beijing golden field Olympic falcon mobile medical test laboratory, testing capacity from the original 10000 pipe increased to nearly 30000.Now, the Winter Olympics version “Falcon” entered the Olympic Sports Center adjacent to the Beijing Winter Olympics village, and undertook nearly 30% of the nucleic acid testing tasks in the Beijing Winter Olympics competition area every day. It is one of the main nucleic acid testing guarantee in the competition area, ensuring the orderly progress of the event.(Editor: Peng Bo)

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