The Supreme People’s Procuratorate takes care of the front-line procuratorial cadres

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Organization warm add power, refreshing start again – the highest inspection care for a wire transfer sent credentials the procuratorial cadres in the Supreme People’s Procuratorate have so a group of people, their positive response organization, active service national strategy, signing green xinjiang into Tibet, rural revitalization, the free trade area and the construction of the western region in hainan work, footprints all over China.They are full of family and country feelings, fulfill the original mission, interpret loyalty with perseverance, and show responsibility with dedication. They sweat and inspire youth on the snowy plateau, at the foot of Tianshan Mountain, at the source of the Three Rivers, south of colorful clouds, the ends of the earth, and on both sides of the Xiangjiang River. They strive to write a different chapter of their lives with hard work as the pen and true feelings as the ink.They are the top procuratorial aid sent suspended cadres.In the Tibet autonomous region, gao-sheng li, Chen MengQi aid sent cadres, Zhang Hongliang, liu shuo to “extreme” standards, in accordance with the law to deal with all kinds of criminal prosecution cases, strengthen the guide line, vigorously promote pleaded guilty to forfeit their applicable rate from system, deepen the reform of the judicial system, promote the prosecutor selection work orderly, continued to strengthen the construction of information application, implement procuratorial technical investigations in recent yearsThe breakthrough of zero.In xinjiang uygur autonomous region, aid sent cadres Wu Mengshuan, HuoBingHua, wen-cheng hu, li wei, firmly grasp the social stability and security overall goal, continuously optimize the criminal case – a ratio, rein “three delay two back”, put an end to “borrow” program, to carry out the verification to correct execution outside prison pipe leakage supervision work, the business data to achieve increased substantially.In yunnan province, aid sent cadres Liang Yingmin, GengNa, Yang xu, li Ming, root Zhang Beizhan country revitalization of the first line, active power economic and social development, to improve local people’s living standard, at the highest party committee of the state as a whole and yunnan wenshan zhuang and miao minority autonomous prefecture deployment, help funing, west two counties to improve living environment, promote the development of characteristic industry such as traditional Chinese medicine.In addition to these aid cadres, the SPP has many temporary cadres busy in various places.Zhang Qingbin in Henan Province, Qin Jianfeng in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Li Haoxin, Zhou Yonggang in Hainan Province, Guo Xinxin in Qinghai Province, Zhang Yumei, Lu Yulong, Liu Linna in Hong Kong SAR, Lu Weihua in Macao SAR…No matter where they are, the aid cadres have made good achievements, and have been highly appraised by the aid area and the unit.The results of the temporary cadres sent to aid have been affirmed, and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s care and care for them has not “fallen”.Zhang Jun, secretary of the Party Group of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and procurator-general, specially instructed to send more temporary cadres for daily care and aid, through sympathy, home visits and other ways, truly put the care of the organization into practice.At the request of the Leading Party Group of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, all departments of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and public institutions directly under the SPC visited and expressed condolences to the cadres who assisted Xinjiang, Tibet and Youth, as well as party members, in a variety of ways, to learn more about the living conditions and difficulties of party members and cadres, and to do their best to help solve practical problems.January 28, 2022, just two days before the Lunar New Year’s Eve.The party secretary of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Procurator-General Zhang Jun, the party member of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the director of the political Department Pan Yiqin made a special trip to the home of Chen Mengqi, the Tibetan cadre, to express condolences, send holiday wishes, and send greetings to all the aid cadres, send expectations.Zhang pointed out that the aid sent cadres relatives far from home, to overcome the difficulty in an unfamiliar environment, the language barrier, living habits, political, the interests, the beginner’s mind, bear the mission of the snowy plateau, tianshan between the north and the south, the old revolutionary base areas, hard work, selfless dedication, for recipient area made great efforts in development of procuratorial work and efforts!On February 10, the fourth working day after the festival, Pan Yiqin and in Beijing on vacation 12 aid sent temporary cadres talk, in the expression of gratitude and greetings at the same time, but also to return to aid sent temporary post cadres put forward a message.Symposium, aid sent cadres Li Gaosheng, Chen Mengqi, Wu Mengshuan, Huo Binghua, Liang Yingmin, Li Ming reported their own aid experience and feelings.”By working hard and finding problems through handling cases, we have driven the development of business lines and changed the previous situation of ‘failing to keep up’ and ‘failing to adapt’.””By making and issuing the first procuratorial proposal, holding the first public hearing, to drive and promote the development of the business as a demonstration.””In accordance with the requirements of the SPP, we will promote the implementation of weak links in local work.For example, the application rate of leniency for guilty plea in Tibet was only about 20 percent, but now it has reached more than 85 percent, and the application rate is still improving.””In charge of criminal prosecutions, actively updated the judicial concept, implemented the criminal justice policy of less arrest, careful prosecution and careful remand, and actively carried out joint training.””Two years of aid life, let me have a major change in life, ideals and beliefs more firmly, but also more realize the profound connotation of ‘speak politics’ three words.””The awareness of serving the overall situation has been significantly enhanced, and the ability to work has also been improved.I often go into the county and village to learn about the situation, and get closer to the hearts of the local people. They all call me ‘desperate three niang’.””On major festivals, I have received letters of sympathy from my college. While living in the remote border areas, I have read the letters from home on my desk over and over again. I can hardly say how warm and moved I feel and how motivated I am to work.”…In the speech, the cadres of the aid party have both the feeling of the aid party, but also the thinking of the procuratorial work, sincere words, moving.”I hope you will bear in mind the ‘two overall interests’ and’ the greatness of the country ‘, uphold the concept of making contributions to the local government, winning glory for the SPC and adding luster to your life, and shoulder the political responsibility of the AID Group with higher standing, deeper feelings and stronger sense of responsibility, so as to contribute more procuratorial power to the national development strategy.”After listening to everyone’s speech, Pan Yiqin said, most of the top procuratorial aid cadres are at the grassroots level, we should pay more attention to the political requirements into specific work, combined with economic and social development and procuratorial work thinking, combined with the local reality of planning.We need to innovate work measures to further implement the people-centered approach.We need to make our own contribution to the modernization of China’s governance system and capacity through active performance of our duties.Pan Yiqin requirements, highest aid credentials the cadres sent to play advantage, accurate docking, the heart with love bridge of the inspection and ShouYuanDe link, should turn the highest inspection pass, implement, and the voice of the grassroots collected, feedback in place, while limiting the power of the key points in use on the blade, assistance, help to fundamentally, the “blood transfusion” and “blood” and “FuZhi”Closely combined with” support for ambition “, we will continue to promote the development of temporary posts in aid groups in depth, and strive to form a sound work pattern of supporting and promoting development.Pan Yiqin stressed that the highest inspection credentials the cadre must strictly self-disciplined of cultivate one’s morality, aid sent to uphold the highest standard and most weiwei, resolutely implement the central each work deployment, observe the discipline rules and regulations, self-supervision, scrupulous, be a good example, carefully put the party’s purpose and discipline consciousness into the blood, fear, intellectual and keep the bottom line.At the end of the discussion, all participants expressed that they should keep their spirits up and start again, bring the CARE of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate to the temporary work of the aid group, fulfill the original mission, and welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress with practical actions and high-quality procuratorial work.