“Four Seas” box office hit 300 million yuan, but Liu Haocun was boycotted, participating in the disabled’s union gala was criticized by netizens

2022-05-08 0 By

Now the film circle the most popular paragraph should be “Liu Haocun saved Zhang Yimou’s life” bar!Liu Haocun just debut on the pure and lovely appearance of the circle of a big wave of powder, although the acting has room to rise, but Liu Haocun debut is the peak, a debut with many old opera bone superstar cooperation, such glory is a lot of practitioners for decades of actors can not think of.On February 2nd, the box office of the movie “Four Seas” exceeded 300 million yuan in two days after its release.Despite a lot of pre-hype for the film, netizens said they would not buy it when they saw Liu on the cast list or in the trailers released by the film company.Took the script of big female Liu Haocun, originally star bright, but since liu Haocun mother opened dance training room was exposed to lead to a little girl high paraplegia, then called upon a piece of scold.As a result, the movie “The Four Seas” has been searched frequently, most of which are negative comments about Liu Haocun. Some of these comments are against Liu Haocun’s voice, which once made netizens think that Liu Haocun was responsible for dragging down the movie “The Four Seas”, as well as the actor Shen Teng, Liu Haoran and Yin Zheng who participated in the movie.Liu haocun’s career has not been affected, all kinds of resources are received soft, frequently appeared in the screen liu Haocun, also rely on a variety of interviews published too “confident” comments to lose the goodwill of Internet users.Liu Haocun was criticized by netizens after he was revealed to have attended a gala of the Disabled Persons’ Federation.What do you think about this?Image source network intrusion deletion