Fengquan District held the first (expanded) security Committee meeting of 2022

2022-05-08 0 By

Held on January 24th the morning, chicken spring area 2022 committee (expand) meeting for the first time, to convey the implementation of the national, provincial, city safety in production picturephone meeting spirit, comprehensive summary of the past year, and to analyze the situation, study the deployment of 2022 key tasks, with the highest standard, the most strict and solid efforts,We will do all we can to ensure safety.District governor Ding Wenguang attended the meeting and made a speech, district leaders Yang Bingqiang, Wang Xizhong, Song Hongjin, Wang Jihui and the township (street), the main person in charge of the members of the security committee attended the meeting.Yang Bingqiang pointed out that the first is to fulfill their duties and keep the bottom line of production safety.On the winter production safety and fire work situation characteristics, do draw inferential conclusions, careful organization, active participation, thorough deployment;Second, focus on key industries and areas of safety investigation and management.Focus on key parts, key links and key parts, pay close attention to fire protection, road traffic, construction, fireworks, chemical industry, forest fire prevention, power safety and other key industries, comprehensive investigation of risks and hidden dangers, vigorously and effectively promote rectification;Third, we need to clarify responsibilities and strengthen oversight and accountability.Each department should in accordance with the “three tube three must” “who is in charge, who is responsible for” requirements, in-depth understanding of the field, the safety of production rules of the industry, actively take the initiative to do a good job in production safety, effectively put an end to the “vacancy” “lost” and other phenomena.Those who do not pay enough attention to work safety and do not fulfill their responsibilities properly will be held strictly accountable.Ding wenguang stressed, first, to grasp the ideological understanding, production safety is the political bottom line must be firmly guarded, coordinated development and safety;Second, we need to focus on key areas and key links, continue to carry out investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, and ensure that there are no blind spots in hidden dangers investigation, no blind spots in safety supervision, no loss of control in risk management, and no tolerance in responsibility implementation.Three to catch hidden trouble rectification, all without missing hidden trouble establishment ledger, one by one sales number, light will change, heavy will stop, illegal will punish;Four must grasp the responsibility to strengthen, tube industry must tube safety, tube business must tube safety, tube production and operation must tube safety;Fifth, we should focus on emergency guard, with main leaders in charge and on-duty leaders in office.In case of emergency, the main leaders should rush to the scene as soon as possible, organize, command and deal with the situation, and report major information in a timely manner.Sixth, we should rehearse contingency plans, carry out emergency drills in a timely manner, prepare enough materials and personnel, and build a solid first line of defense against security risks.Seventh, we should focus on supervision and accountability and carry out quantitative assessment.At the meeting, the main person in charge of the office of safety committee notified the work situation of safety production in 2021, arranged and deployed the key points of safety production work in 2022, and the person in charge of key industry departments made a statement.(Houde Fengquan)