Claiming to pay thousands of dollars for a day of isolation, “isolation insurance” good sales behind the pattern

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“You can get 1,000 yuan for a day of isolation and make money by lying at home.””$9.90 for peace of mind.”Does that sound sexy?Against the backdrop of COVID-19, an insurance product, commonly known as “isolation insurance”, is gaining popularity online with low premium, high coverage and easy insurance as its marketing selling points.Is “segregation insurance” as good as advertised?Are there risks involved?The reporter investigated.Under the epidemic situation, some residents need to stay at home or be quarantined in a centralized way due to the prevention and control requirements.Due to the existence of isolation risk, “isolation insurance” is attracting more and more attention. Some third-party insurance platforms insure more than 60,000 pieces per month.”Isolation insurance to a, people are isolated anxiety, you are isolated to make money.””59 yuan to buy quarantine insurance, home quarantine period lost 2800 yuan!”…Reporters in many social platforms have seen such and “isolation risk” related information promotion.The reporter saw, the Internet platform recommended “isolation risk”, the insurance threshold is lower, some insurance cost only 9.9 yuan, mostly also only dozens of yuan.Insurance time, some dozens of days, some as long as a year, the insured is isolated during the insurance period, can get a daily compensation ranging from several hundred yuan to 1,000 yuan.Such insurance often covers both diagnosis and accidental injury.On some travel platforms, passengers will also be reminded whether to buy “segregation insurance” when buying air or train tickets.The personage inside course of study expresses, look from essence, the common on market “separate danger” it is the accident danger within one year to add certain separate responsibility.Reporter investigation discovers, expand ceaselessly as sale scale, “separate danger” product appeared the seedling of price malign competition.You sell 19.9 yuan, I sell 9.9 yuan, some companies even launched products for 4 yuan.Good sales behind the “routine” claims difficult to be ridiculed at present on the market “isolation insurance” looks very beautiful, seems to be isolated can be compensated, but the actual situation is so?The reporter saw many complaints about “isolation insurance” on some network complaint platforms, among which it was difficult to settle claims and buy air tickets, train tickets were forced to sell and so on to become the focus of the complaint.Insurance companies and some marketing personnel in the promotion of “isolation insurance”, often “isolation compensation” as the biggest selling point for publicity, but the product’s various restrictions play down.The reporter noticed that the land property insurance sold on a platform of a “isolation insurance” product, its product sales page “isolation 200 yuan/day” is marked with bold characters, very conspicuous, but some “disclaimer” font is very small.A careful reading of the terms of this product shows that those who have been quarantined but have not paid the quarantine fee at their own expense and those who have been quarantined at home are not covered by the coverage.An insurance company personage tells a reporter, in the policy of much ground epidemic prevention, close collect concentration segregation is free segregation, “segregation risk” segregation of free segregation, the word that occupy the home waits for segregation to avoid compensate responsibility, mean consumer was cast cast “segregation risk” also cannot obtain compensate, insurance lost meaning.The reporter combs discovery, be in on the market sell “segregation risk” highlight so-called low insurance cost, high protect forehead characteristic mostly when propagandization, a variety of limitation condition of manage compensate is hidden in selling page however “view more” below “cast protect notice and statement” and “insurance clause” in, if consumer does not look carefully, ignore very easily.For some consumers, the introduction of quarantine insurance is a good thing, providing more protection during the pandemic.But look from product propaganda and claim situation, a few insurance companies went a little astray, should spend idea more to do sufficient safeguard and do a good job on the service.Strengthen supervision, protect consumer rights and interests experts say that insurance companies in the setting of exemption clauses, the content should be detailed and accurate, so that consumers can understand.In the design of insurance process, whether paper insurance policy or mobile insurance, the key information that needs to be highlighted should be presented in a conspicuous position.Consumer should examine insurance clause seriously when buying insurance product, notice to examine clause to insurant limit and requirement, make sure oneself satisfy cast a rule.At the same time, carefully read the disclaimer clauses, do not understand can ask the sales staff to explain.For some “isolation risk” products in the pricing of arbitrary, the reporter learned that the main reason lies in the lack of empirical data accumulation, actuarial pricing basis is insufficient.Source: Xinhua