10 classic martial arts movies that you can’t get enough of, each of which is full of memories of the post-90s

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1. Shaolin Temple, 1982, classic.The plot is simple, the value in the fist and foot kung fu is very real.One move, one move, all very good.I like two scenes most, one is the drunken sword against the drunken stick, the other is the fight between shaolin monks.Even the supporting role fighting scenes are very good.Created the first martial arts action movies, remember when it was released, it was really empty.2, “New Longmen Inn” small Longmen inn, four different minds of the people, deduce a very wonderful play.Desert heartless people love, not just love, the friendship of the heroes also reflected incisively and vividly.The final fight scene burst, so wonderful!Manyu played the role to perfection.Green xia is restraint, tolerance, silk silk buckle, silent love.In the past, there were really not too many bells and whistles for acting.They then that batch of works, not only from the film art created an era, but also a new interpretation of the charm of martial arts.The fighting of the ’90s is still remarkable even today.A laugh is very classic, mention the swordsman, who will not know this song.Unprecedented existence, shining the entire Chinese music circle.Magic changed wuxia, but the best captured the essence of Jin Yong laugh proud.The golden age of Hong Kong films, the peak of the goddess yan Yan and the peak of the works, the script logic is smooth, the rhythm is relaxed, the character image is full, the fighting is powerful, the joke is also there, interspersed with love and hate, but not too much to rob the scene, the classic martial arts film, no copy.Although not like the original description of the east, it is the most flesh and blood of the East.Now it seems that this version of the East is indeed the most modern aesthetic, brave and resourceful, domineer natural and unrestrained.Swordsman films don’t have that taste anymore.”Huang Feihong” majestic soundtrack, Jet Li’s interpretation of Huang Feihong is also quite penetrating, other supporting performance is also excellent, flesh and blood, lifelike.The lively fighting shows the true colors of men. The rhythm of the film is obviously chaotic, but the character of each character is very good.Huang Feihong really blocked everywhere, see people uncomfortable.That last line really raises the bar for the play.Tai Chi Zhang Sanfeng is a representative work in the climax period of Hong Kong new martial arts movies.Jet Li’s representative work, the story is smooth and wonderful, the story is very wonderful, especially jet Li’s set of Taijiquan is really wonderful, such as flowing water as natural and elegant rigid and soft, is absolutely the classic in the classic, worthy of Mr. Jet Li’s action film.You can always trust the aesthetic of director Zhang Yimou. His films are very Chinese.Red, blue, white and green colors of clothing and landscape are impressive, different colors have different artistic conception.The film uses the technique of a suspense film, which is rendered in three colors for three times to tell the same thing, and finally restores the truth.Jianghu children sentient beings have righteousness righteousness also awe-inspiring.Ashes of Time has a patchwork of characters and stories that intertwine with each other, and excellent cinematography reveals an imaginary world.In fact, the core of the story is a few love stories.It’s a condor prequel or a fan story.Wong uses flashbacks at first and then fragments to tell the story, making it very difficult to follow, but the plot is very complete.Desolate beauty, desert smoke, sunset, the film as a whole desolate loneliness strong.The Grandmaster is also a martial arts film. Compared with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I prefer Zhang Ziyi’s Gong Er in the Grandmaster.I have more or less understood the romance, literature and implication of Wong Kar-wai.Gong 2 fall down hand was seized of the moment, people on the stage did not expect to lose, the audience is really lost.Love it very much, aesthetic appreciation value and narrative is very good.The success of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon may be far greater than expected.Subtle totally, the western culture and eastern culture, a scene of the bamboo forest, really classic, martial art atmosphere, cultural background, ups and downs of the plot, solid acting, mirror technique, mature of the martial arts design, fitting the cello accompaniment, as walked out of the characters in the book, all let a person feel the charm of Chinese culture and martial arts.Ang Lee is truly ang Lee and can be a collection of classic martial arts films.10 classic martial arts movies that you can’t get enough of, each of which is full of memories of the post-90s.