Jingdong planting sugar cane busy spring ploughing season

2022-05-07 0 By

Spring is the time of the year, now it is the busy season of spring ploughing and spring planting, the sugarcane farmers in Jingdong County, Pu ‘er City began to plant a large area of yellow fruit sugarcane, the booming sound of the sugarcane field machine and the sound of spring ploughing blend into a beautiful symphony.Into wenjing town Wenguang village, I saw some of the villagers cut sugar cane, some put sugar cane, some cover soil, some pull dropper, some cover film, a busy scene.Sugarcane farmer Wei Daming told reporters that now is the best time to plant sugarcane with yellow skin fruit. Planting sugarcane with yellow skin fruit requires high management technology and is a high-cost and high-profit industry. He plans to plant more than 30 mu of sugarcane this year.Wei daming said that his family only began to learn planting last year, the technology is not mature, planting efficiency is good, one mu of 5000-6000 yuan net profit, this year to expand the development of planting scale, for the profit of about 9,000 yuan per mu.Yellow fruit sugarcane is a new industry vigorously developed by Wenguang village, Wenjing town, Jingdong County in recent years. Although the planting cost is high, the price of sugarcane is much higher than that of sugar cane planted before. Besides, it has the advantages of thin skin, sweet juice and good taste, and can be sold to about 2 yuan per kilogram, which is in short supply.Wei Daqin, secretary of the party general Branch of Wenguang Village, told reporters that the enthusiasm of planting sugar cane farmers is quite high since last year. On the basis of last year, Wenguang village increased the planting of more than 200 mu this year, and developed to about 500 mu.Combined with the current land planning, Wenguang Village will increase its income by planting fruit and sugarcane in different sections with existing infrastructure such as farm roads and ditches.Wei daqin said, “The land behind me is now planted on about 150 mu in a row, and it will be doubled in the future. In this industry, we need to carry out unified planning, management and management, so that the benefits will be better.”It is understood that in addition to Wenguang village, Jingdong County Wenjing Town, Jinping town and other towns also combined with their own reality, along the highway planting yellow fruit sugarcane, the current planted sugarcane half a month later will sprout, to the beginning of December can mature on the market, villagers will harvest full of sweet.