The flags of the United States, Britain and Canada were displayed on the Ukrainian parliament.

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There are signs of a gradual improvement in Ukraine, but many problems remain.”I don’t think the United States is really interested in the security of Ukraine,” Russian President Vladimir Putin told the media recently. “The main goal of the United States is to contain Russia, which is the essence of the problem.In this context, Ukraine is just a job for the United States…”Mr Putin has seen it all out, but the Ukrainians themselves have not.According to Russia Today, members of the Ukrainian parliament from different political parties held up the flags of western countries, including the United States, Britain and Canada, on February 1.The bizarre scene was described by netizens as “collective hysteria and insanity”.The lawmakers claimed the West had helped Ukraine by protecting its territorial sovereignty and resisting “Moscow’s attempts to rebuild the Soviet empire.”These congressmen are either stupid or bad.If you look at Ukraine entirely from an American perspective, this is clearly a well-planned upheaval.Let’s look at three aspects for a moment. What are the benefits of American control?The first is good for the domestic economy.The turmoil in Ukraine has led to a large number of capital outflows from Ukraine and Eastern Europe to the United States, which, in conjunction with the federal Reserve’s upcoming interest rate hike policy, will ease the high inflation and debt crisis in the United States.Creating geopolitical tensions has always been one of America’s main ways of driving capital back.So from last November, everyone in the US, from lawmakers and the Pentagon to the news media and tabloid magazines, have been playing up the idea of A Russian “invasion”.Whether Russia fights the war or not, the US will be the first to fight the financial war.After the United States and Britain announced the evacuation of staff in Ukraine, global stock markets are facing a sharp drop, with Russia being the most affected.President Putin has ordered the suspension of all foreign exchange transactions to ensure the safety of the local currency.This is not the most important thing. The key is whether the West will follow up with economic sanctions against Russia.If such sanctions focus on sniping in the financial sector and parts of the real economy, how much do both sides stand to lose?The second aspect is disrupting the normalization of Russia-EU relations.At present, both France and Germany, the main leaders of the EU, hope to lead Europe to a more diversified diplomatic relationship. The relationship between Russia and Europe is relatively complicated, and there are many contradictions due to its unique history, geography and other factors, but at the same time, it is necessary to cooperate with each other.Especially in 2021, the world is facing a tense resource crisis, and Europe is more aware of its dependence on Russian resources.Trade cooperation is only the first step in easing bilateral relations. Will Russia and Europe cooperate in cultural values, politics and military?These are things that the United States is particularly worried about.For the United States, European strategic autonomy is already something that cannot be stopped, and there is no reason to stop it.But there are ways of fiddling with Russia’s relations with Europe.The first is that eastern European countries, some of which are NATO countries, such as Poland, and some of which are not, such as Ukraine and Georgia, have very close relations with Russia.Russia’s relations with Europe are bound to be strained as long as it plays games with these countries.In the final analysis, it is because Russia’s political and economic center is too close to Europe.Otherwise, shoigu would not have suddenly said he would move the capital a while ago.Third, the United States will continue to strengthen its military presence in Eastern Europe, effectively dominating Europe.At present, there are American troops stationed abroad in many parts of the world. Their presence is the hard power of the United States to establish its hegemony.These American troops provide an important support for the United States to form a global military chain and, in the case of Eastern Europe, an important check on Russia’s development.European integration, of course, also includes military integration, but there are always American troops in the middle of what is the matter?So America’s increasing military presence in Europe actually slows down the process of European integration.For at least the next 20 or 30 years, there will be a considerable military confrontation between Russia and Europe because of the US presence.In short, the Ukraine issue is not big, but small.Ukraine is already a casualty in Biden’s chess game with Putin, and the longer it goes on, the worse it will be.Zelensky and the Ukrainian parliamentarians, if they really want the best of Ukraine, should not continue to muddy the waters at this juncture.To do otherwise is to “flatter” the hegemonism with the interests of Ukraine’s sovereignty and people.The best approach would be to strike a balance between The United States and Russia that truly works for Ukraine, rather than pursuing personal interests in the background.