A: congratulations!Heat 2 for 1 trade plan!Wood gets $100 million contract, rockets pick 1st round for nothing

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According to The Athletic, The Heat are interested in Houston rockets big center Wood and have a corresponding offer, and The Heat are lacking in The interior with a first-round pick plus Dunlow Wood.Adebayor was injured in game 2 of the 2010 Finals against the Lakers, setting the stage for Miami’s loss.His defensive ability is certainly not outstanding, but his offensive approach is simple and his footwork is mediocre.The arrival of Wood will be adebayor to continue to strengthen the Heat inside, the offense is also relatively good, the Heat is indeed a contested trade object.Miami lost to Milwaukee last season after losing to the Lakers in the NBA Finals.The Heat can be seen to be a contender, but the team still needs to be strengthened.Last summer, the trash Brothers acquired guard Kyle Lowry and forward PJ Tucker.The season has been strong and currently leads the Eastern Conference with a winning percentage of 64.6%.But the heat still have some trauma, lowry injury out.Adebayor and Butler have missed regular season games for various reasons.It’s not a good sign for the team.There’s a reason why the league now often associates the Warriors, Bucks and Nets with the finals and doesn’t mention the Heat.The team needs to continue to add to the title puzzle.Wood attack and defense comprehensive, complement adebayor wood this season in the Rockets play in the norm.The Rockets were already in the midst of rebuilding turmoil, and the team’s locker room was uneven.Wood has a history of run-ins with team players.The performance on the court was also depressed.Only recently have we seen some light.He is averaging 18.2 points, 9.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game and shooting 51.2 percent from the field.Comprehensive strength is still very good.Go to the lakers and Adebayor to form a double tower inside.The small ball era is rampant, and the inside is often overlooked.But the trend is always cyclical, at present look inside is extremely important, small players often need to rely on penetration, to score.For example, the grizzlies’ first-time All-Star guard, Morante, often needs to get to the basket to score.And with a physically strong post, it’s hard for him to break through the entire four quarters to score.Both sides need the 2.11-meter tall arrival will greatly enhance the heat roster height, for the rebounding protection of another chip.With Adebayor in the low post to attract the defense, Wood can play a combination, can do outside echo.Wood is also very athletic, quick on his feet for a tall man.Not only is he a defensive threat in the paint, he can also quickly cover the perimeter.Wood’s arrival is a perfect match for Adebayor.The rockets’ current tradeable chip, from the outside, is more Gordon Wall.Rockets or guard Porter as the core to build a lineup.Now Wood is young enough to look like a good match for Porter.If the rockets were willing to release him, there would be multiple bids for Wood.According to Bleacher Report, the Heat are also offering Duncan Robinson as a bargaining chip, but the Rockets want a first-round pick.Have to say that the Rockets are really big money, wall and Westbrook trade is also hoping to get 27 years of first round, the rockets’ future may be really unlimited.All of the heat’s trades are still centered around the core of the team, with Bartrey, Adebayor, Lowry and Tyler Sheiro.Dunroe signed a five-year, $90 million contract last year.But dunro’s season may not have lived up to Miami’s hopes that he would add to the team’s shooting ability, and his 3-point percentage has plummeted to 34.8 percent.And was dropped from the team.So the Heat might consider trading him to keep Max Strut, the team’s other forward.Dunro has shooter potential but will the rockets accept dunro? I think it’s possible.Dunlow, though far from a top striker, is young enough to create shooting opportunities on the flanks.In their fourth season with the Heat, the rockets can continue to bolster their guards and frontlines with their chips.According to the report, the Heat for Wood is willing to offer a five-year $100 million contract, enough to see the Heat on Wood, for the team’s long-term plan, 5 years will happen a lot, the rockets rebuild may be truly complete and can enter the league’s first tier.Besides, Wood is still young, and his development is obvious, depending on whether the rockets want to release him.