Tang Jie into Guangdong, ten years of ups and downs to where

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Tang Jie will wear the no.30 jersey of Guangdong to fight, ten years later, or dongguan city, Hunan Ya seems destined to quenchingnirvana here.Ten years ago, 13-year-old Tang Jie went to zhuhai, Guangdong to play on behalf of hunan Team. The intersection with Dongguan Libao gave him access to professional basketball, and then he was invited to try out in Dongguan.Young Tang Jie therefore in dongguan new century’s youth echelon team began his professional basketball experience, but also he and dongguan the city of the original fate.Because his father loves basketball, young Tang Jie began to play in the training camp of his father’s friends when he was very young. Later, he began to practice basketball under the guidance of MAO Di of Hunan Youth Basketball Club, and became the mentor of Luo Hanchen, Yu Dehao and other Hunan guards.At that time, Although Tang Jie was still a junior high school student in Hunan Geology Middle School, he had already shown talent that could attract the attention of youth coaches in the new century.However, Tang Jie and dongguan’s fate only lasted a month.From junior high school students quickly changed to professional youth training echelon players, just ended the middle school tang Jie to extremely harsh and hard training life feel uncomfortable, the initiation of retreat he found the Nanjing Military yueda basketball club ma Yuannan guidance at this time.The south was withdrawn in 2003, reorganized in 2010, and began to play in the NBL from 2011. Because of its positioning as the transfer of talents for Bayi, echelon players can directly join the army, compared with other youth training uncertain factors are really safe.MAO Sui’s admission to the south directly changed Tang Jie’s entire career. Although he was once selected to prepare for the Bayi Youth Team, a series of stories since then are greatly related to this choice.By the way, he and his management team had planned to enter the NBA draft last year, mainly for the purpose of going to training camps in the United States, but his visa was delayed due to his experience, and eventually the plan to train in the United States fell through.After that, Tang jie failed to compete in the August 1 National Games. He was brought into the National Youth League by Fan Bin. However, he missed the most crucial three points in the last 11 seconds of the 2016 U18 Asian Youth League match against the host Iran.A year later, when his peers were entering the CBA one after another, he encountered another problem before joining Fujian. The new league regulation required him to play in the youth league for two years.In the end, Tang had to give up the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) and play in the NBL for two years before he was selected by Fujian with the 13th overall pick in the 2019 draft.Two seasons, Tang Jie has become the “tang God” in the population, but also with the fate of Fujian, as a free agent in this season.Ten years later, Tang Jie came to Dongguan again.This time, it was not new Century that brought him under his wing. That team had already moved to Shenzhen, and he wanted to join guangdong, the premier league club and 11-champion.Guangdong, which has won three straight titles and reached at least the semifinals for 19 consecutive years, has reached the semifinals 23 times in its history. Guangdong has lost only 64 regular-season games in the past 10 years combined, while Tang’s former team, Fujian, lost 61 regular-season games in two years.Tang jie’s former teammates, Wang Yibo and Cheng Shuaipeng, listened to Liu Weiwei’s instruction in Zhejiang, Fan Ziming had the best performance of his career under Yanis this season, hu Mingxuan entered the national team under du Feng’s strict requirements.He also needs a chance to change a career that has hit a dead end.Before the new story begins, Tonge gets hit in the head.After training with Guangdong for a period of time, tang Jie was arranged by Du to watch the match on the sidelines because he could not appear.But in the opening game, tang Jie was directly out of the field by du guidance, it turned out that he was playing mobile phone in the game, du guidance caught.This is tang Jie who will be 23 years old in Guangdong, stern and cruel, as Du said to Zeng Fari, if you do not value you, you will not have time to talk to you at all.Du specifically mentioned this matter in an interview later, “Tang Jie is also in a difficult situation when no team wants him this season. When I was a player, I also knew that there was no way out. Therefore, I always give these players opportunities, and I hope that the players do not waste opportunities.”Career the most important pass, Tang Jie no retreat.Before joining in guangdong, he represents hubei team in the national games played is averaging 23.4 points and 4.6 rebounds, 4.6 assists, 1.2 steals averaged after pg, and playing a full game of the first world war in guangdong, bomb under 35 points and 9 assists, the game show for basketball dream with perseverance and tenacity, perhaps is the Shang Jie eventually move the reason of guangdong.This season, Guangdong has been struggling in the mire of personnel rotation shortage, especially in the past has been surplus in the defensive line, Zhao Rui is out, Hu Mingxuan is up and down, only Xu Jie in strong support, Guangdong is more eager for vitality than any period in the past three consecutive titles.Tang Jie is a typical Character of Hunan people, free and easy but full of toughness. He will not give up easily when he is sure of the target. His performance in Fujian was not good, but he treasured every ball, which is what he should keep most.Tonge played in just two seasons in 56 games, totaling 850 minutes, but had 14 double-figure scoring games.In his rookie year, he averaged 3.6 points, 1.4 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 1.5 turnovers, but in his second season his numbers increased to 6.1 points, 1.4 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 0.8 steals, while his turnovers dropped to 1.1 and his shooting percentage improved slightly.Small progress is tang Jie in the slow adaptation to the professional league, but Fujian has its own plan, they left the super foreign aid Robert – Gordon, and selected the long-admired Xiamen University defender Li Yiyang.By the way, rookie Li Yi Yang is actually nearly half a year older than Tang Jie, who played two years in the NBL and two years in the CBA.Coming to Guangdong, Tang Jie wants to change a lot of things.Although he played well in the National Games and contributed 6.1 points and 2.7 assists in 17 minutes in Fujian last season, there are special backgrounds behind this.In the national Games, the most critical point for him to use is to try to make him drop the ball and switch to simpler attacking tasks.After joining Guangdong, Du doesn’t need Tang Jie to dominate the ball like Xu Jie does. Maybe in more playing time, he will want him to ambush the wings as he did in the National Games, and use speed to bring guangdong’s rhythm in transition.Tang Jie need to get rid of the habit of sticking to the ball in the past, he had to learn from friends Hu Mingxuan, compression of their own ball, but to bold release of attack.Hu has benefited the most from Both Marshawn Brooks and the outside lineups, and he had the same ups and downs that Tang had earlier in his career when he had to deal with ball distribution and lack of conditioning.But with Marchant dominating possession, he became one of the league’s most efficient players, his calm three-point play and tireless fast-break play finally finding his footing.In Tang Jie’s youth team, Hu Mingxuan, Wang Yibo and Huang Rongqi are also fast players, but their circumstances are different.After struggling in the early years, Hu Mingxuan found the right position and made gradual progress from blue-collar defense and transition, while Wang Yibo gradually improved his organizational ability and strengthened confrontation, and is now one of the famous small steel guns.But Huang Rongqi is in double can defend on failure, trying to transform organizer now, but error is very much also.In the third year of his career, at the age of 23, this was probably the most important turning point for a young guard who was 186CM tall, weighed only 73KG and even had a wingspan of only 180CM. To go left was to enter, to go right was to be abandoned.Although has been in the focus of public opinion, “Tang God” “always drop Jie” and other nicknames are also from the joke and sarcasm, but the optimistic Tang Jie has always been good at finding the motivation to move forward.Tang Jie in Fujian is the team atmosphere regulator, get along well with his teammates, and before joining Guangdong, he and Hu Mingxuan, Zhao Rui and other people’s personal friendship is good, so have the above photo into Guangdong.Ten years ago, Tang Jie chose the road in Dongguan that he thought might be more suitable for him, and perhaps easier, but it also let him up and down for ten years, and now he is back here.As if fate would give him another chance, he must choose the more difficult and laborious road, and settle down to find the space for sublimation of life, perhaps that is the foundation of young people.Tang Jie once said: although I am not a swift horse, BUT I will strive towards the goal.This time, may he see clearly what he can reach with all his might.