Macron met Putin and spoke for six hours from a 4-meter-long table

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The Russia-Ukraine conflict, ostensibly two countries, has a lot of “players” with different agendas behind it.France, which has taken over the rotating presidency of the European Union, stepped up its efforts when Macron visited Russia, becoming the first leader of a major Western power to meet Putin in Moscow since the crisis escalated.During the summit, the two talked across a 4-meter-long table, sparking speculation about Russia’s intentions. According to media reports on October 10, this was because Macron refused to accept Russia’s Novel Coronavirus test.Reuters reported that macron had been told by the Kremlin to have close contact with Putin if he did not take Russia’s Novel Coronavirus test, or to observe strict social isolation measures, including no handshake.The source said Macron had been tested for nucleic acid before his departure, but refused to be tested after arriving in Russia because he could not accept the possibility of his genes being seized by The Russian side.Amid continuing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Macron’s visit to Russia has attracted wide attention, and Putin’s meeting with Macron across a long table immediately sparked many speculations that Russia is sending a diplomatic message to reflect the sense of distance between the two countries.The two chatted for nearly six hours across a four-metre-long table that had already been broken on social media.Shuttle diplomacy continues, with recent visits to Ukraine including dignitaries from the United States, Germany, Britain, Spain and other countries.Germany’s new chancellor, Chancellor Scholz, is entering his new job in a role no match for Ms Merkel, despite Germany’s pledge to provide 5,000 helmets to help Ukraine defend itself.Mr. Macron appears to be replacing the German leader as a central figure in Europe who has pursued diplomacy and avoided conflict.As U.S. troops continue to surge around Ukraine, Biden privately commented that Macron wants to be like Charles de Gaulle, the legendary French statesman, trying to reach out to Russia through the European Union rather than NATO.Macron is advocating the “Normandy model”, with Germany and Ukraine, without the US and NATO. He is competing with the US and THE UK for influence, trying to “defuse the Ukraine crisis and become the saviour of Europe”, which is a huge political temptation for him.So much so that Macron was slapped in the face by Russia for exaggerating What He called Putin’s “verbal assurances” that “there was no agreement” between Russia and France.Eu foreign ministers agreed that Mr Macron had not delivered miracles.There was a sort of war and reconciliation between Germany and France and the United States and Britain, a sort of credit struggle for the ability to mediate.Mr Putin should be happy to see such internal entanglements in the US and Europe.Source: Phoenix TV Information Station