Founding major general 16 years old left home to join the army, 18 years later, old mother: Sir Who do you look for?

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“When children meet and don’t know each other, they laugh and ask where they come from.” This is from the poem Hui Xiang Ou Shu by the poet He Zhizhang. It describes the scene in which the poet left his hometown when he was young and returned to his hometown when he was old.The description is very careful, especially pictorial and sympathetic, but it can’t help but make people sigh.This scene played out in another person.The difference is that when the man returned home, he could not recognize anyone but his old mother.When the mother saw her son, whom she had not seen for 18 years, she asked, Sir, who are you looking for?He left his hometown alone at the age of 16 and returned to his hometown at the age of 34. In 18 years, he experienced the flames of war and grew up from a young man.This man was Major General Zheng Guozhong.Zheng guozhong was born in 1913 in Hong ‘an County, Hubei Province.Born in the old society, his family was not overjoyed by his arrival.Everyone did not have enough to eat, clothing and warm, and there was one person in the house who opened his mouth, and the whole family fell into sorrow.Although life is difficult, but it is a life, the family struggles to maintain.Food and clothing is still a problem, let alone study.Watching his parents work for the family’s three meals a day, Zheng came up with the idea of sharing the family burden himself.Ten-year-old Zheng Guozhong, who works as an apprentice in a tailor’s shop, figured out how to kill two birds with one stone.On the one hand, I can learn skills, and on the other hand, I can earn some money to support my family.With heart and concentration, little Zheng guozhong mastered the skills of tailoring.I thought I could carry the burden, but I didn’t.Who would make new clothes when it was enough to eat during the war?The craftsmanship was in vain. Although his family was disappointed, they did not show it because they knew what Zheng guozhong was thinking.Zheng had no choice but to do farm work with his family.The harvest was bad, taxes were heavy, and life plunged back into darkness.There is no way out of heaven, the zheng Guozhong of this lifetime met an opportunity.In 1927, Zheng was already 14 years old.Hubei jute uprising was successful and the peasant government was established.This incident had an impact on Zheng Guozhong.Although he was young and did not know the meaning of “Red Army” and “revolution”, he also heard some news.In his perception, the “Red Army” and “revolution” serve the interests of the hard-working peasants and benefit the people.He had the idea of joining the army and communicated the idea to his family.The family disagreed, believing that it was better to stay together as a family and not take risks than to go off into the unknown.His parents were honest farmers and zheng had to give up in order not to worry them.It turns out that once you have an idea, it’s easy to take root and act on it.In 1929, hearing that the Red Army was recruiting local soldiers, Zheng could not bear it any longer.Even so, Mr Cheng did not act rashly.He first went to the army to find out if the Red Army was in accordance with the rumor.If not, he would not join to escape temporary poverty.When he heard the red army man’s answer, he smiled happily.The original Red Army is really let the farmers take charge of the team, immediately Zheng Guozhong decided to join the Red Army.”I want to join the Red Army,” shouts 16-year-old Zheng guozhong.The old soldier in charge of recruiting looked at Zheng guozhong and did not agree.Because zheng guozhong at that time due to chronic malnutrition, the body is very thin, very different from his age of 16.When he learned that Zheng was old enough to join the army, the veteran reminded him, “Joining the army can be dangerous at any time, and you will be far away from your family as the army moves.”Zheng guozhong did not lose heart because of the veteran’s words, he once again determined to join the army.Due to the previous family opposition, this time Zheng Guozhong chose to ignore.In order not to be affected by his family, he did not go home to say goodbye to his family, but directly and the Red Army embarked on the journey.Battle-scarred and youthful, Zheng guozhong was enthusiastic.After joining the army, he devoted himself to it and grew rapidly. At one point, Zheng guozhong became the fastest growing soldier.In the Red Army days, Zheng guozhong learned combat skills, also understand the Communist Party.He was glad to be in such company.In June 1929, Zheng guozhong joined the Communist Party of China.If understanding the Communist Party was zheng guozhong’s motivation, adversity confirmed his will.In the anti-encirclement and suppression battles, many of zheng guozhong’s comrades died.Watching his comrades fall, Zheng was not afraid. On the contrary, he firmly believed in his original intention to join the Communist Party.Contrary to the cruelty and selfishness of the counter-revolution, the Communist Party of China is purely a party of justice. It seeks the interests of the people.Zheng guozhong believed that for the benefit of the people, we should stick to it.The change in Zheng guozhong’s thinking showed that he had matured and become a firm revolutionary soldier.Five years, Zheng guozhong experienced a hundred battles, courage, will and combat ability has been greatly improved.His promotion from platoon commander to battalion commander followed.Honor added to the body, the cruelty of war also vividly.Zheng guozhong was deeply impressed by the Long March of the Red Army. He still remembered the experience of climbing three snow-capped mountains and crossing three grasslands in his later years.During the War of Resistance against Japan, Zheng Guozhong was always at the forefront.He distinguished himself in the northern and southern wars.It is worth mentioning that on the eve of the hundred regiments war, he played a warlike, paving the foundation for the subsequent victory of our army.In order to disrupt the Japanese logistics supply lines in the Taihang and Taiyue mountains, Zheng guozhong was appointed to the task.There was a great gap between the enemy and me, and Zheng Guozhong took the lead in serving as commando captain, and finally won the victory of the Battle of Baijin County.Chivalric tenderness Zheng Guozhong showed bravery and ambition in various battles, which made his enemies fear him.Yet he was a man of flesh and blood, full of affection.His heart to three people feel guilty, one is in the cover action, did not save the life of the left general;And sorry to his birth parents.That year, did not say hello to leave home for many years, “children travel thousands of miles mother worry,” let alone leave without saying goodbye.During his years in the army, he missed his hometown and his parents very much.But he knew that he was carrying a heavy burden and that he needed to make sacrifices for his country.In 1947, when Liu Deng’s army marched into the Dabie Mountains and reached huang ‘an, miss finally burst its dike.When Liu Deng understood his situation, he immediately approved.The boy who had not been home for 18 years finally returned.After 18 years, his home and surroundings have changed a lot. Zheng groped his way into a familiar village.When he knocked on the door, tears welled up in his eyes as his parents responded.An old woman opened the door, studied it for a while, and asked, “Who are you looking for, Sir?”Zheng guozhong recognized the gray-haired old man in front of him as his mother, who did not recognize him.Then he followed an old man with a puzzled look on his face, as if to say whether he had gone to the wrong place.Zheng guozhong looked at his parents, bent and wrinkled. He knelt down and said, “Mom and dad, I am your son guozhong!”In this way, the family was reunited.After the founding of New China in 1949, Zheng guozhong successively held important posts in the army.In 1955, he was awarded the rank of major General.To make up for his years of debt to his parents, Zheng took them with him in his later work.He cherished the reunion of his family and didn’t want to miss another chance to be with them.Summary: There is no “everybody”, no “small family”, no liberation of the motherland, no people as masters of the country.Zheng Guozhong is a person who can distinguish between “everybody” and “small family”.He knew that only by seeking the liberation of “everyone” could he have the happiness of his “small family”.”Since ancient times, loyalty and filial piety can not be both”, no doubt Major General Zheng Guozhong was lucky.Although he had not heard from him for 18 years, he had not only realized his “loyalty” but also his “filial piety” during his lifetime. Presumably, the general had no regrets about coming to this world once.