2022 latest corporate cashier work plan for the first half of the selected

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1, according to the new system and criteria combined with the actual situation, business accounting, do a good job in financial work.2. Handle the coordination with other departments while doing the job well.3. Do normal cashier accounting work well.According to the financial system, handle cash receipt and payment and bank settlement business, strictly check the pass, no negligence or carelessness.Strengthen the accounting of all kinds of expenses, timely bookkeeping, preparation of cashier daily list, summary table, at the beginning of the month reported to hand in accounting to do zhang, strict check receiving procedures, according to the provisions of the issue of cash with tickets and transfer checks.4. Do a good job in responding to emergencies.Adhere to the principle of impartiality, make an example.6. Complete other tasks temporarily assigned by leaders.Ii. Strengthen learning: Combine with the development of the enterprise industry and the work needs of my own position, strengthen the learning of relevant businesses, and improve my professional quality and comprehensive ability.Three, do a good job of capital budget work, strengthen cost control: the purpose of budget is to try to increase revenue, reduce costs, reduce financial expenses, administrative expenses, operating expenses and other expenses.1, the budget must be full participation, not a small number of people involved in the invention of nothing, take it for granted.Including operating indicators, but also cover expenses budget, reception budget and so on.2. The department leaders are required to attach great importance to the budget work, guide the part-time budget staff to prepare and analyze the department budget on time, and the budget preparation and analysis must be timely. The department budget requirements must be submitted to the Financial Department on 25th of every month, and the analysis of the implementation of the department budget must be submitted to the Financial Department on 2nd of every month.3. Set the cost limit control index: within the rated range, as long as the business objectives can be achieved, the money can be spent any way;Unplanned expenditure must be specially approved.Iv. Personal suggestions: Require scientific financial management, standardized accounting, complete cost control, strengthen supervision, refine the work, and effectively reflect the role of financial management.The financial operation tends to be more reasonable and healthy, and more in line with the pace of the company’s development.1, cashier work in accordance with the requirements of the accounting system, do a good job of cash journal and bank deposit journal every day, do orderly bookkeeping, daily clear month closing.Check the cash and bank balance monthly, according to the bank statement, carefully prepare the adjustment table of the unreached account items to make the account consistent, the account statement consistent.The cash on hand is kept as planned, which can ensure the daily expenses of the company. The expenses can be carefully audited. The cash is regularly checked to check whether the accounts are consistent with the actual situation.Ensure timely and accurate receipt and payment settlement.Bind the financial vouchers every month, keep them properly and keep them confidential.2, tax business My company approved taxes are value-added tax, income tax, business tax, stamp duty.Every tax period, I can timely file tax returns, and there is no omission or misstatement.At the same time, cooperate with Minister Wang of comprehensive Department to do tax refund work.3. The financial department of other businesses is also the core department of an enterprise, and all the income and expenditure and operating conditions of the enterprise should be reflected in the financial department. I think I should not only do my own work well, but also coordinate the work of various departments.In order to ensure that the invoice is accurate, it is necessary to cooperate with the sales department, weighing room, the business of the day, complete documents, to ensure that the end of the month can smoothly settle statements.Keep in touch with banks, industry and commerce, taxation, finance bureau and other departments to ensure the integrity of all kinds of certificates and licenses required for the operation of our company, and cooperate with other employees to do the annual audit work.4. Firstly, it is suggested that the employees of the company should wear uniform clothes and wear badges (metal badges similar to those of the tax bureau of the bank, including the company name and employee number in Both Chinese and English).Employees should ask each other when meeting, and be enthusiastic when meeting foreign personnel.After this period of work, I found that I also have many shortcomings, such as not clear about accounting and related laws and regulations, I will strengthen my work and study in this field in the future, and I will ask experienced accountants more if I don’t know anything.First, to further strengthen the staff’s sense of cost control, strictly control the loan approval process, this work is inseparable from the management of the direct manager of each department;At the same time, the financial Department will strengthen the publicity of cost reimbursement and manipulation for new employees, and the old employees will take the new employees, so as to continue the fine style of strict borrowing, cost saving and 7-day accounting.Strict examination and approval system for project payment request, manager one pen system, the project balance and reimbursement shall be strictly examined and approved in accordance with the loan details. Except for personal approval, the financial department shall not cancel the loan of the person in charge, and recover the loan or deduct it from the salary according to the regulations of the bank.Second, strengthen the collection of current payment need to be the work of each project director trying to cooperate with the financial normal collection for each project, according to the commission and settlement measures for the administration of the Banks to finance department strict with various projects department sales reports and sales secretary at times to pay the commission statements, in addition to the statutory holiday, the finance department about 5 a month for a catch-all category for data offered by each project,Report the monthly fund receipt and payment plan to the director office.Three, with financial personnel department workload intensified, given the current financial work in operation is good, based on the principle of for bank saving the cost of human resources, financial recommended at least increase a chief accountant, responsible for the daily accounting and audit the cost expenses control, in addition to the cashier is responsible for the daily balance of payments and cash receipts and payment plan, strengthen the traversing,The cost accountant is responsible for accounting the bank’s human resource cost commission according to the bank’s performance appraisal plan, and assisting in clearing outstanding current accounts.Iv. Daily work Conscientiously complete monthly contract management such as audit of original vouchers, tax declaration, voucher binding and financial file agency planning, cash bank receipts and expenditures, commission accounting and distribution, account checking and current payment collection and other daily work, to ensure no mistakes, do a good job in capital arrangement and ensure the normal operation of bank funds.5. Cooperate with other departments to complete other work assigned by the bank in order to make the financial work better serve the development of statistics, strengthen financial management, complete the financial system, make the financial work long plan short arrangement, make the financial work better play its role in a standardized and institutionalized good environment.Based on the basic work, deepen the work details;Improve personnel quality, pursue work quality as the goal, strengthen the financial foundation work.