Yantai Zhifu District: Ban on burning and releasing, this year is “fresh”

2022-05-04 0 By

This year’s Spring Festival is the first Spring Festival after the implementation of the newly revised Regulations on the Management of Setting off fireworks in Yantai city, and citizens have given a thumbs up to the comprehensive ban on setting off fireworks.The most immediate effect of the ban on fireworks is changes in the environment and air quality.During the Spring Festival, the air quality in the district has improved significantly, and there are no more piles of firecrackers on both sides of the community and the road.”Every year after the Spring Festival, firecrackers are the biggest problem for us to clean up. This year, firecrackers are banned, and the road environment is much cleaner.”Deheng property sanitation workers said to reporters.The ban on fireworks has also greatly reduced the number of fires during the Spring Festival.Data showed that on New Year’s Eve, the city’s fire warning dropped sharply from the previous year, with about 200 cases.”The urban area is relatively densely populated, and the discharge of high-altitude fireworks is easy to cause fires, directly endangering the safety of people’s lives and property.To be honest, during the Spring Festival in the past, we would deal with some fires caused by fireworks, but this year the situation has improved significantly. So far, we have not received a single fire alarm call caused by fireworks, and the Spring Festival fire pressure has been reduced.”Area fire rescue brigade related staff said.The smooth implementation of the ban is due to the improvement of public awareness of environmental protection and the unremitting efforts of the government.Zhifu public security related staff, “after continuous publicity, investigation, residents are also very cooperative, some take the initiative to put the home fireworks to the police station, during the Spring Festival did not deal with the case of setting off fireworks.”It is understood that during the Spring Festival, the Zhifu public security bureau sent more than 70 people and 27 police cars to carry out patrols and inspections throughout the district every day.Years ago, chefoo public security study and establish the zhifu district on the implementation of the implementation opinions “, the group omni-directional propaganda, retail locations to conduct a comprehensive inventory of the firecrackers sound us, announced a call and report method at the same time, efforts to create a scrutiny sympathetic thick atmosphere, set off fireworks and firecrackers to crack down on illegal storage, sales, illegal behavior.After many enterprises and businesses have resumed normal production and business, zhifu public security also solemnly remind you: a symbol of prosperity “open the door gun” do not put!At the same time, the district emergency management bureau also called on the general public to actively practice civilized customs, do not violate the rules of setting off fireworks, jointly protect a peaceful, harmonious, clean living environment.”We have carried out joint inspections with the public security bureau and carried out special dragnet inspections on the sale and burning of fireworks across the region to crack down on illegal sales, storage and setting off of fireworks.Illegal storage and sale of fireworks shall be confiscated in accordance with the law, to ensure the implementation of the ban on the sale and discharge of fireworks, from the source of ‘root’.”Area emergency management related person in charge of the introduction.