On behalf of selling illegal deduction 12 points, the new version of the scoring method released what signal

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Pressure line: 3 points become 1 points;Driving a vehicle not of the driving type: 12 points will be converted into 9 points;Driving on a cell phone, a 2 becomes a 3…The much-discussed measures on the management of road traffic safety Violations will come into force on April 1, 2022.Under the premise of maintaining a high pressure on illegal behaviors that seriously impede traffic safety, such as drunk driving and fleeing after causing casualties, the 2022 version of the Measures adjusts the score for traffic violations according to the degree of impact on road traffic safety and smooth flow.The introduction of the new road traffic safety violations score management method is related to the immediate interests of 400 million new and old drivers.Because scoring rules, to a certain extent, namely safety rules and civilized driving rules, have a direct impact on road traffic safety and drivers’ personal driving behavior.Compared with the existing version, the new method for traffic violations to make a number of adjustments, can be said to be targeted.For example, 12 points will be deducted directly for those who accept traffic violation penalties and score points for economic benefits on behalf of the actual motor vehicle driver, which is commonly referred to as the act of selling illegal and points on behalf of others.In reality, it is the subconscious reaction of many old drivers to find someone to “buy points” when they have not got enough points for traffic violations, thus forming a small scalping group.It can be said that the sub-market for driving licences never really went away.In the past, to provide false information, on behalf of the traffic offender “deduction points” illegal behavior, generally only in accordance with the law of public security management punishment to deal with.Now the addition of a one-time deduction of 12 points points penalty, will form a greater deterrent to sell points.To know, the start of the public security management penalty often has a certain threshold, and the score penalty is relatively easy to operate, and directly deduct 12 points, and directly eliminated the possibility of selling points continue to sell points, which greatly improves the accessibility of the penalty.Previously, some drivers after obtaining a driver’s license, or see the driver’s license points “enough”, moved to sell points of the wrong brain, after the implementation of the new rules, can not hold a fluke psychology.Traffic safety illegal behavior management must reflect realistic pertinence.The adjustment of the scoring rules follows this logic.For example, driving a motor vehicle has made or received a hand-held phone and other acts that interfere with safe driving, from 2 points to 3 points.Today, the frequency of mobile phone use is further increasing, many people even form the bad habit of mobile phone never leaving their hands when driving, causing great traffic safety risks.To this kind of behavior, the increase of score, no doubt delivered a distinct guiding value.In addition, when driving a motor vehicle in front of the motor vehicle parking queue or slow driving, borrow the lane to overtake or occupy the opposite lane, intercut waiting vehicles, that is, old drivers are the most disgusted, the most likely to cause traffic jam “plug” behavior, score was also raised from 2 points to 3 points.This also reflects the pertinence of reality.Some scores have been lowered.Such as pressure line from 3 points into 1 points, driving a motor vehicle does not comply with the provisions of the school bus from 6 points down to 3 points.At the same time, it also refines and distinguishes the different situations of escape after traffic accident and improper suspension of motor vehicle plate, and gives different scores respectively.Behind this, it may reflect the precise distinction between the harm degree differences of driver’s ownership, objective mistakes and illegal behaviors. It not only realizes the management intention of standardizing safe driving, but also takes into account the humanization of scoring management.In reality, such behavior is a high-frequency violation phenomenon, but it is not only related to the personal driving habits and skills of drivers, but also has objective reasons, such as unreasonable road marking lines and so on.For example, driving a motor vehicle does not avoid the school bus according to the provisions, there is ambiguity in the judgment in reality, reduce the score, not reduce the attention to school bus safety, but better reflect the fairness of law enforcement, to ensure a balance of mercy and severity.In the final analysis, the purpose of traffic illegal score is to play an educational and guiding role and improve drivers’ awareness of safe and civilized driving, rather than punishment itself.This is reflected in the logic of the scoring rules and should be kept in mind by all new and experienced drivers.Some driving behavior, whether the score is lowered or raised, as long as it is a traffic violation, as long as there are safety risks, should try to avoid, so that the string of safety rules will always stay in mind.(The Paper)