Build a solid food safety line to escort the spring campus food safety

2022-05-02 0 By

At the beginning of the new semester, in order to standardize the safety management of school canteens and resolutely put an end to food safety accidents in schools, on February 23, 2022, yanggao County People’s Procuratorate and Yanggao County Market Supervision Administration jointly carried out safety inspection activities for many kindergartens and primary and secondary school canteens in our county.The inspection activities of school canteen sanitation, raw materials procurement, products sample records, tableware disinfection, the respect such as workers, health certificate, please checked, requires schools to implement the main body responsibility, strengthen the management of school cafeteria, strengthen personnel training, regularly carry out food safety check list, eliminate and eliminate food safety hidden trouble,Effectively prevent food safety accidents.The supervision department law enforcement personnel put forward the existing problems on the spot, and put forward the rectification suggestions.In the next step, our college will continue to follow up the rectification and implementation of existing problems, and focus on solving the prominent problems and hidden dangers of campus food safety. Relying on the function of legal supervision, we will ensure campus food safety and protect the safety of campus “bite of tongue”.