Shenyang, Liaoning Tiexi: warm sun in winter to send care administrative inspection love team set out again

2022-04-30 0 By

Justice network Shenyang On February 7 (reporter Wang Ling correspondent Liu Shihan) in the Spring Festival approaching, liaoning Province, Shenyang, Tiexi District three procuratorate administrative procuratorial department of love team with condolence money and love donated materials again came to Tieling city to visit the judicial aid object Lao Hao, sent sympathy and care for the needy people.Lao Hao belongs to the “three without people” who have no source of income, no ability to work, and can not decide the obligor to support. In order to solve his actual living difficulties, the Tiexi District government dealt with the subsistence allowance and low-rent housing subsidy for him according to the actual situation, and gave Lao Hao judicial rescue fund.Procuratorial organ is not the way of work, given the old man has no family, lack of necessary life safeguard, provinces, a caring team level 3 administrative procuratorial departments, three times in two years in a row to tieling to visit the old man, to ensure that the procuratorial organ to resolve and implement effective, do love outstanding case, continue to care to help the old man.Hearing that the procurators were coming to see him again, Old Hao packed up the shabby room, made tea and went to the gate early to meet the procurators.The prosecutors’ arrival made Lao Hao very happy.This time, the team sent the last judicial rescue fund, and donated daily necessities such as warm clothes and cotton shoes to keep out the cold, and inquired about Lao Hao’s health and life needs.Lao Hao said he was deeply moved by the fact that the comrades in the procuratorate had been thinking about him and had sent the party’s care to his heart.The conclusion of a case is not the end of procuratorial work, and the procurator should also make the political peace of the case.It is not the end of the prosecution’s work to settle the case, but rather to provide continuous care and warmth to those in need.The love team of the three party branches in the provincial and urban areas set out again, carrying out targeted care and assistance, spiritual consolation, and doing the “latter part” of the judicial assistance article, constantly passing the “procuratorial temperature”.