Winter Olympics Dream 14

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The fourteenth Winter Olympic Games were held from February 8 to 19, 1984 in Sarajevo, the capital of Yugoslavia.Sarajevo is the capital of the former Yugoslav Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Built in 1263 and occupied by the Ottoman Empire between the 15th and 19th centuries, the old town has a strong Oriental flavor to its architecture and culture.Surrounded by mountains, Sarajevo is on a high ground, 630 meters above sea level, with snow for half a year. Sometimes, although it is May, there are still snowflakes flying on the mountain. It is a good place for skiing and has relatively complete winter sports facilities.Sarajevo has hosted many world sports competitions, such as the 32nd World Table Tennis Championships and the 1983 World Cup ski competition.A total of 1,483 athletes from 49 countries and regions were invited to participate in the Winter Olympics, including 308 women.In previous competitions, there were never more than 40 participants, but this time the number jumped to 49, indicating that ice and snow sports have been widely carried out in more countries and regions.Denmark and Portugal had signed up for the conference but withdrew on the eve of its opening.First time entrants include Puerto Rico, virgin Islands, Senegal, Monaco and Mexico.For the first time in the history of the Winter Olympics, the virgin Islands’ sole competitor was a black athlete.It was the second time that the Chinese Olympic Committee sent a team to attend this grand meeting after the 1980 Winter Olympics.A total of 37 athletes participated in 26 individual events in skating, skiing and modern biathlon. The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee also sent 14 athletes to participate in bobsleigh, sport luge and modern biathlon.This is the first time for Chinese athletes from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to compete in the Winter Olympics.Women’s 20km cross-country skiing was added, increasing the number of events from 38 to 39.The competition area is scattered, such as cross-country skiing, modern biathlon, platform jumping and snow jumping in Igman Mountain;Alpine skiing, in Belyashnica for men and Jaharina for women;Bobsledding takes place in trebevich Hills, the nearest town;Ice skating, ice hockey and more at the Zetra Sports Center.Despite this, the facilities are relatively perfect, such as the igman mountain snowfield is world-class.In preparation for the fourteenth Winter Olympic Games, the former Yugoslavia had made various preparations, including the construction of the Olympic Village and the renovation and expansion of the Kohuvo Stadium and its adjacent Zetra Stadium.At 2:30 on February 8, 1984, the fourteenth Winter Olympic Games began.55,000 spectators braved snow to attend the opening ceremony.The then president of the International Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch attended the congress.The former Chairman of the Federal Bureau of Yugoslavia mi Szdoljak attended and opened the Conference.The flame was carried from Greece to the coastal city of Dubrovnik in the former Yugoslavia on January 29, taking an unusual route from north to south and from Bosnia to Herzegovina.SAN Dubravczyk, 21, the former Yugoslav women’s figure skating champion, lit the cauldron in the main stadium during the opening ceremony.The mascot of the Winter Olympics, “Utzko”, is a funny Wolf with a round nose.Other bids to host the Games were made by Yetburg, Sweden, and Zapporo, Japan, while Sarajevo won by a majority.The second day of the opening and closing ceremonies, February 9, various competitions began in succession.But bad weather, snow and wind, forced some projects to postpone.Snow plows at the Zetla ice rink are busy, but to no avail.Originally scheduled to be held in the morning of October 10, the speed skating race had to be postponed to the afternoon, but the storm still did not stop, so the race had to be carried out while clearing the snow.The men’s speed skating performance was mediocre due to the weather, and no one broke an Olympic record.In the men’s 500-meter race, the world record holder in 36.57 seconds, Mikhail Begov of the former Soviet Union, was injured in training and sergei Fukichev, 21, a little-known competitor, was replaced.At this time, the same strength of The Japanese master Kuroiwa akira, that the former Soviet Union players change, is his god sent opportunity, doubled confidence, but bad luck, he still lost to the Soviet union, fukichev won the final victory.Igor Markov, 19, of the former Soviet Union, lost the 5,000m race to Sweden’s Thomas Gustafsson, 24, for lack of experience.But six days later, he got his revenge by beating Gustafsson to win gold in the 10,000m.In the men’s 1,000m and 1,500m, the main competitors are Gaetan Boucher of Canada and Sergei Khrebnikov of the Soviet Union.Boucher, 25, made her third Olympic appearance in 1976.In the previous two games, however, she only won one silver medal in the 1,000-meter race.This time he outdid himself, beating world record holder Alexander Khrebnikov to win both gold MEDALS.In women’s speed skating, the GDR achieved unprecedented success, winning all four events.The standout among them was karin Enke, 23, the last time 500 meters gold medalist.She won the 1000m and 1500m race twice and set a world record in the 1500m race in 2:03.42.Enke also won two silver MEDALS in two other events.Her teammates Krista Rottenberger and Andrea Schoene won the 500 and 3,000 meters, respectively.Figure skating and ice dancing at the Zetra Sports Center is a spectacular performance and a high artistic enjoyment for ice sports lovers.Scott Hamilton, 25, of the United States, won the men’s singles title.Hammel was only 1.59 meters tall, and his body was not ideal, but his hard work enabled him to harvest his skills.He entered the ranks of the best athletes in the world by finishing fifth in both the 1980 Winter Olympics and the world Championships.He won the world Championships in 1981, 1982 and 1983, and again in Sarajevo.Katarina Witt, 18, a rising star of the GDR, won the women’s singles skating title.In 1984, in addition to the Olympic Gold medal, she won the world and European championships.She continued to dominate the European and World championships in 1985.The ice dancing champions were world-renowned British dancers, Jayne Tolville and Christopher Dean.On the evening of the fourteenth, their beautiful performance reached an indescribable level.Inside the competition hall, the applause was deafening.International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch put the two gold MEDALS on their chest, also repeated praise: too good!That’s great!The pair finished fifth in the last Winter Olympics, then won three world championships in 1981, 1982 and 1983.After the Winter Olympics, they won the title at the 74th World Figure skating Championships in Ottawa in March of that year.They then turned professional and greatly influenced the standard of amateur ice dancing in Britain.In ski cross, Sweden won a total of three gold MEDALS.Thomas Wasberg, 28, champion of last year’s 15-kilometer race, won gold in the 50-kilometer race.Twenty-two-year-old Gund Swann won his first Winter Olympics gold medal by winning the 15km race.They also teamed up with two other teammates to win the relay against the former Soviet Union, the reigning champions, to give Sweden another gold medal.Last year’s three-time gold medalist nikolai Simyatov of the Former Soviet Union won only the 30km race.The hero of igman is Finnish skier Marya Lisa Hymanleen.She is 28 years old, but she is fit and strong-willed.This is her third Olympics.The previous two competitions did not do well, only finishing 22nd and 18th respectively.As a result, her arrival in Sarajevo went unnoticed.But when the competition began, she was the news in Sarajevo.She won the 10km, her main event, then the 5km, and became the first female Olympic champion in the 20km, which was included in the first Winter Olympics.She also finished third in the relay and won three gold MEDALS and a bronze, becoming the first woman in Olympic skiing history to achieve such a feat.The United States swept the board in the men’s and women’s alpine skiing events.Wi Johnson won gold in the men’s sprint, Faye Mull won the men’s slalom and Day Armstrong won the women’s giant slalom.It was the best American skiing ever, the Americans crowed. We did a great job for the Europeans.In this Winter Olympics, the GDR won 9 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze MEDALS, surpassing the Soviet Union, which had dominated in recent years, and ranking first among countries.The Former Soviet Union won six gold MEDALS, ten silver MEDALS and nine bronze MEDALS, ranking second. It was only the second time that the Former Soviet Union won more gold MEDALS than any other country since it entered the competition in 1956, following 1968.The United States finished third with four gold and four silver MEDALS.Finland and Sweden also won four golds each.Finland won three silver MEDALS and six bronze MEDALS, while Sweden won two silver MEDALS and two bronze MEDALS.Ranked second and third respectively.During these Games, the Ioc held its eighty-seventh session in Sarajevo and decided to extend the session from 12 days to 16 days from the next session.The meeting also decided to include curling, skier and sprint speed skating as demonstration sports at the next Winter Olympics.At 8 p.m. on February 19, 1984, the curtain came down on the 14th Winter Olympics.Ioc President Juan Antonio Samaranch spoke highly of the work of the former Yugoslavia for this Winter Olympics.He described the Winter Olympics as the best and most spectacular in history and awarded the Olympic Gold medal on behalf of the International Olympic Committee to Hilenko Mikulic, the head of the organizing committee for the Winter Games.It was the first time the Winter Olympics had come to a socialist country, and no one could have predicted that a few years later this beautiful city would be in the flames of war.(to be continued)