Brazilian Chinese Volunteer: Smile is the most moving expression

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China News on February 19″During the Beijing Winter Olympics, I served as a volunteer in the public area of the Olympic Park, where I was responsible for welcoming and guiding the spectators, solving difficulties encountered by the spectators, and dealing with emergencies to ensure the best experience for the spectators.My friends and I smiled warmly to the audience throughout the whole journey. I think smile is the most touching expression of the volunteers of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Qiting Su, a Brazilian-Chinese girl from Rio de Janeiro, is a girl who loves to laugh and has a bright smile on her face as she tells her story.Before the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Su Qiting had been interviewed by South American Overseas Chinese newspaper, telling her life story in The University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, and expressing her hope to serve the Beijing Winter Olympics well and make more friends on behalf of overseas Chinese in Brazil.Now that the Beijing Games are nearly over, has her wish come true?February 13, “I remember that day, I and friends for the first time to work in the morning, that night Beijing snow began to fall, at that time, the Olympic park is covered by thick snow, this let me feel the atmosphere of the games, everyone excited, also began to heap snow together, finally come together to make a ice mound mound snowman.”Su recalled with a smile that she and her friends didn’t feel tired at all, even though the temperature was low and the work was heavy.Volunteering also allowed Su to experience the charm of ice and snow events up close.”Before our work began, I was invited to experience curling at icecube with other Chinese volunteers. I immediately fell in love with the sport and am looking forward to the exciting games coming here.”Su said that during her rest periods, she and her teammates would watch the games in the break room. “Everyone was talking excitedly, screaming, cheering for the athletes, and even though we couldn’t watch the games in the stadium, we also felt the passionate atmosphere.”In Su’s view, the Beijing Winter Olympics are not only warm, passionate, but also warm.”Of the Beijing Olympics in the Chinese New Year, New Year’s eve that day, because everyone was at work and can’t go home and reunion with loved ones, the home of the volunteers of the Olympic park for we held a Spring Festival activities, including writing couplets, clipart, lottery, the arrangement of the warm and New Year music let us feel the warmth of family.”In addition, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Beijing Winter Olympics has also taken necessary epidemic prevention measures. “Apart from the volunteers, all the staff I met at other posts were full of caring hearts, greeting each other and caring about health and safety.”Su qiting said that the Beijing Winter Olympics is a simple, safe and wonderful event of ice and snow sports.As for what she gained from volunteering for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Su said she gained friendship from all over the world just as she had expected. She also learned how to solve important problems and the importance of team unity.”I have experienced the spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual help and progressive volunteer service from my fellow Athletes in the Winter Olympics. It has also broadened my horizon for someone from a tropical country. It is one of the most unforgettable memories of my study in China.”As for her future life plan, Su qiting said that she plans to continue her study in China and would like to work in China if there is a good opportunity.”As a Chinese, I have some understanding of the culture of both Brazil and China. I also have a good command of Portuguese, Chinese, English and other languages. I hope I can use these advantages to open a window of communication between China and Brazil in the future.”(after)