A firefighter on leave discovered a waste warehouse fire, and his family was waiting for him to return, his comrade said

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On February 1, a fire broke out in a waste warehouse of a tea farm in Chama Ancient Town, Simao District, Pu ‘er City, Yunnan Province.The reporter of Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News learned from the Pu ‘er Forest fire detachment that the detachment quickly got information after the fire broke out and sent forces to the scene for emergency treatment.Reporters learned that the fastest reported news happened to be the first day of the New Year holiday with his family detachment of fire rescue command Vice minister Chen Peng.At 12:59 on the same day, Chen Peng found smoke somewhere in the ancient city of Chama when he took his family to play there.He immediately informed the simao forest fire squadron, which was closest to the point of fire, to conduct aerial survey by uav and determine the location of the fire, and immediately report to the detachment command center.At the same time, Chen Peng also rushed to the scene of the fire in the first time, leading the rapid anti-team forest firefighters to organize the rescue.Pictures from the scene show that Chen peng, although wearing a short sleeve in civilian clothes, quickly entered the command position and organized personnel to put out the fire.”His family was waiting for him at the edge of the fire, and he was inside directing the rescue.”Lu Wanyang, a forest firefighter at the scene, told reporters that from the fire to everyone came, Chen Peng stuck to his post, and his family is also very concerned about waiting in the distance.Firefighters put out the fire scene reporters learned that as of 17:00, the fire has basically controlled the fire, to avoid affecting nearby residential areas and damage caused further expansion.The cause of the fire is under investigation and there is still a lot of smoke at the scene.Scene of fire fighting (photo source: Pu ‘er Forest Fire Brigade) Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow News trainee reporter Chen Ran proofread Sheng Yuanyuan